Springpark Mountain Resort, Toledo City, Cebu


It’s a typical kind of resort that caters mostly to Filipinos. Definitely frayed about the edges, even a tad decayed. There’s supposed to be three swimming pools, but only one of them has got any water in it.

The accommodation is bungalows of varying sizes, obviously as it caters to Filipinos there’s plenty of family rooms. Some are airconditioned and some might even have tv in the rooms, even cable TV.

There’s a restaurant that serves only Filipino short-order food at quite keen prices for a resort, though portions are small. Pork Adobo with rice and salad, plus a Coke, is 70 pesos. beers are 30.

As far as entertainment goes, there’s a 5-peso videoke machine, table tennis, and a pool table. Just don’t hit the balls too hard as they might get lost in the undergrowth. Corkage is 50 pesos. The Loud Music Charge is 200.

Getting Around

You might get bored, in which case you can go to Lutopan by habal-habal motorbike. Just wait by the side of the road outside the resort for somebody to stop for you. It will take about 2 minutes in the daytime, 5 minutes at night.

There’s about a dozen internet cafes there and a better food than at the resort in the caranderias there. No foreigner-friendly food of course, unless you count the buy 1-take 1 burger stands, some of which, like one or two of the cyber cafes, are open 24 hours.

The restaurant and reception hall are accessible without steps, the cottages and dormitory have one to four steps, I did not check out the interior though. The toilets and showers near the pool area are narrow and difficult to get into, the pools are accessible on a concrete footpath, unfortunately there is no handrailing providing a safe grip getting in and out of the water.

It has a 10 rooms & 200 pax capacity dormitory for accommodations.

This resort lies about 1 1/2 hours from Cebu, drive to Naga, turn right towards Toledo, once you reach Lutopan turn right to Cantabaco.


  1. Please email me some of the pictures of the resort so that my client can see the ambiance, thank you

  2. are you the same as that in Toledo Hotel with swimming pool

    http://www.ulnaris.com/toledo.htm — with swimming pool also

    P 70 day swimming only, is it?

  3. hello good morning,i just recently called this morning and talked with your receptionist en2x.. this is what we agreed:

    no entrance
    no corkage
    allowed cooking
    unlimited videoke overnight
    give discounts to almost 40 people

    to en, please fax and email me the proposed agreement we had this morning. thanks.

  4. do you have room and aircon how much one day 2 person

  5. How far is the resort from Toledo city centre and what is the rate for a family room or cabin

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