Dahican Beach in Mati City Travel Guide

In the outskirts of the Philippines lie countless tourism gems that are just waiting to be explored. One of which is Dahican Beach Resort which is dotted in Mati City of Davao Oriental. Dahican boasts of its remarkable fusion of natural splendour, offering pristine, long stretch of white sand beach, sparkling, clear waters, rich marine life and a leading spot for adventure enthusiasts and several water-sports activities such as surfing, skim-boarding, and a whole lot more.

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The instance you set foot on Dahican, you will truly be drawn by its total package-the soothing breeze of air as it touches your skin, its picturesque view of the seascapes, the teeming scenery of coconut trees and the superb skills of surfing aficionados as you witness them gracefully riding on their boards, conquering the huge waves which can no longer wait to kiss the white shores.

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Keep in mind that Dahican is one of those secluded beaches in the Philippines which feature a laid-back setting that is not yet commercialized so if this is the kind of experience that you would like to take on then Dahican is perfect for you. In Dahican, you can purchase fresh fish from fishermen or you may simply by some food from their market and cook it yourself.Dahican Beach Resort (6)

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You can now experience the comfort of your own homes while being welcomed by the wonderful view of the beachfront of Dahican if you opt to stay in Botona Beach Resort or Tropical Kanakbai Homes.

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Botona Beach Resort

Botona Beach Resort
Rates: PHP 1,800 per night, good for 4 persons
Phone: (+63) 918-525-5227 / (+63) 916-796-8054

Tropical Kanakbai homes

Tropical Kanakbai homes

Rates: 2,500.00/night for two (2) persons
Phone: (087) 388-3657 / 09177197209
Amihan Skim and Surf Area
If camping is your thing, you may also bring your own tents at the Amihan Skim and Surf Area. Look for Manong Jun who is the caretaker of the place. He only charges around 50 Pesos per night for an overnight stay. They also offer rentals for skim boards and surf boards and surfing and skim-board lessons for an affordable fee.

How to get there:

From Manila/Cebu City:

  • The best and fastest way to get to Dahican if you are coming from Manila or Cebu is by taking the plane to Davao City. Upon reaching the airport of Davao City you can just walk your way to the highway and wait for Mati bound buses. More often than not, buses bound for mati have a regular schedule of leaving every hour from around 3am to 8pm. Travel time from Davao City is around 3 to 5 hours depending on the road and traffic state. Cost of bus fare is around 250 Pesos for the air-conditioned ones.

From Davao City:

  • If you are from Davao City you have several options. You may take the taxi or jeepney and be dropped off at GMALL or Victoria Plaza. There are a lot of public vans in those malls which are bound for Mati and are deemed to be faster than those of the buses who tend to have more stopovers. If you would like to take the bus with assured seats, you may head to Davao City’s Ecoland Bus Terminal.

From Mati Bus Terminal:

  • Upon arriving in Mati Bus Terminal, you can hire a tricycle or single motorcycle to take you to Dahican. Fare costs from 40-60 Pesos depending on how you haggle with the driver or how many are you if you are in a group. Travel time from Mati’s heart of the city to Dahican is approximately about 15-20 minutes.


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    how about Botona Beach resort?? Are there surfing waves there??


    I see Amihan Skim and Surf Area is promoted, BUT is there **surfable** waves ?? Or is it just nice beach lang???


    Hello po,
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