Davao City Travel Guide

by: Hazel Annelou Cirunay

There are very good reasons why you should choose Davao as your next travel destination. With its array of tourist spots, I bet you’ll surely love to go here over and over again.

Going to Davao from Manila by plane is about 1 hour and 45 minutes travel. The Davao International Airport or locally known as Francisco Bangoy International airport cater domestic flights mostly from and to Manila and Cebu and other Philippine cities. This airport also made it available for international flights like Silk Air with direct route to Singapore.

For those who wish to trek by the sea, Davao City has its seaports both for cargo and passengers.

Roaming around the town wouldn’t be that hard. There are a lot of options for you to choose from:

  • For a hassle-free tour around in the city, you may ride on Taxi cabs, available at anywhere. It’s a guarantee that you can be assured of friendly and honest taxi drivers here in Davao City. They will take you anywhere you want as long as you know where you want to be heading. They won’t ask for “extras”, you’ll just have to pay them as indicated in their meters.
  • Jeepney is another option for tourists who would wish to delve in with the locals of Davao City. This is the main mode of transportation. You get to ride with people from almost all walks of life. It may take you much of your time if you ride the jeepney since drivers have to get more passengers to fill in their vehicle. But if you’re not in a hurry, why not try?

You may also opt to ride buses if you’re en route to far places or rent a car.

Tourist Destinations:

Davao City is best because of the tourist destinations it offers. Day Tour Packages are also being offered. Here are few of the most visited places in Davao City:

Eden Nature Park. Away from the busy life of the city is all that urban people wanted. This nature themed park is a perfect place to stay. Surrounded by pine trees and home to many organic vegetables (which you will see being sold in the market), this place is the nicest when you want to relax and unwind. I’ve been here more than once, and I would want to have retreat here very often. It’s almost an hour ride from downtown Davao.

Eden Nature Park

Loleng’s Mountain Spring Resort. Just like Eden, it is a nature resort and 95% man-made. This resort stands 3,000 feet above sea level surrounded with a hundred thousand pine trees. You’ll probably resemble this one like that in Baguio. I was here when I was younger, and all I remembered how cold it was there! And oh, the location? They are actually neighbours with Eden Nature Park.

D’Japanese Tunnel Family Resort and Restaurant. When this resort was opened way back in 1998, my mother was one of the few who got to go there first. This establishment stems from our history during World War II. According to the history, this tunnel was dug by the Japanese soldiers to hide themselves and their belongings from the US Army. As you travel inside the tunnel, you will see formations of stalactites and stalagmites. You will also replicas of Japanese soldiers who guarded the treasures and gold bars. At the end of the tunnel is the Buddha, where one can throw a coin and pray. This establishment also has a swimming pool and a hotel to stay in.

Davao Crocodile Park. When I was younger, we had our educational tour there. I was astounded with the 17-feet long crocodile. Since I was a kid, I asked my mother where is the “17 feet” when I can only see 4 feet! Lol! Now that I am older, we visited the place and I must say it was way different. It has more crocodiles, more bird species, and more animals actually. A nice place to visit and for educational tours.

Davao Crododile Park

D’Leonor Inland Resort and Wavepool. Anyone would wish to take a visit to Disneyland, right? Good thing the owner of this resort initiated to put something like that of Disneyland. Although there are still constructions that are going on, this resort has lot recreations to offer!They have Zipline, Surfrider, Wall Climbing, Cable Car and of course the Wavepool. I just wish I could go back there.


From fine dining to street eating, name it – Davao has it!

When we have lesser budget, I and my boyfriend would go to one of our favourite places in Jacinto-Roxas street, the Pastilan. They offer grilled foods such as barbecue, isaw, liver, chicken legs and chicken feet all for Php 5.00 each only. Their rice already has a “giniling” topping costing Php 7.00 only.

There are also these places I suggest that are starting to have their names. Along the Roxas Avenue street going to Boulevard, one would pass by an array of “Karinderyas” along the road. Just stop over, you wouldn’t want to miss their specialty – Sinuglaw (Combination og Sinugba and Kinilaw). Drivers, nurses, professionals eat here and don’t worry about the sanitation its guaranteed safe.

Personally, I commend Gerry’s Grill for their Gerry’s fried chicken – my favourite! They are located at Gaisano Mall and Ayala Abreeza Mall.

Port Cafe at the Gaisano Mall, was one of my favourite hangout with my friends. My personal favourite was their Tiramisu.

Dencio’s Hilltop

Away from downtown area, I and my boyfriend would spend our dinner at Dencio’s Hilltop. You can oversee Davao City downtown area and is awesome to look at during the night. We usually order Chicken Barbeque Legs.


Matina Town Square / Photo by :Keith Bacongco

Late night drinking/videoke sessions are probably one of the best escapes from a day’s busy schedule. Here are some of the best places here in Davao City:

MTS (Matina Town Square). For a late night booze with friends, you can go here. There’s a live band performing in one of the restaurants. You can also find Blugre Coffee there. Adjacent to it is McDonalds.

Torres St. Probably the most crowded during the night. There a lot bars and restaurants here and disco clubs. We usually hang out at K1 KTV, because I love to sing (but I’m not a singer)-at Php300.00 an hour.

I and my friends’ favourite hangout is at Victoriano’s Place located at Illustre Street, fronting Gaisano South. They have daily live bands performing. The place is good to chill and relax.

For sisha sessions, Some Place Else at Rizal Street, could be the place. I just tried it once, and I guess I wouldn’t try it again.

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    i been living here for 11 years. i love davao city!

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    peru this time its my time to explore hehe see u soon:-)

  • Kristina

    i been to davao for ten days and i just got home yesterday.i stay on marco polo hotel.not much on davao city but i like the taxi driver there honest not unlike here in manila,kurakot..I can recommend good food restaurant in abreeza mall at ranchero restaurant they serve good food.i give 5 star on it

  • Manilenyo

    “Going to Davao from Manila by plane is about 45-minute travel. ” lol i think its an hour and 45mins.. hehehe Davao is really the best place to visit..

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