El Nido: Tour A Itinerary

El Nido is amongst the tourist spot in the Philippines if you are looking for a trip to paradise. And the only way to enjoy what nature has to bring is joining El Nido tours. Tour A is the very popular island hopping tour offered. For a whole day you will be able to see white sand beaches, turquoise green sea, limestone cliffs, lush greenery and a diverse marine life. The tour even includes free lunch, goggles, snorkel, a guide and 5 beautiful pit-stops to indulge in the whole day. These include: Small Lagoon, Big Lagoon, 7 Commandos Beach, Secret Lagoon and Simizu Island.

Small LagoonEl-Nido-Tour-A-9638

It is located at the Miniloc Island Cove and can be accessed through swimming or kayaking for others. There is a small partition that welcomes through to a paradise of turquoise-green seawater limestone cliffs and beautiful, diverse marine life. And at the end of the lagoon welcomes a cave.

Big Lagoon


Beautiful limestone karsts welcome you as your boat approaches the Big Lagoon. It is a breeding ground of a lot of crustaceans as well as fishes. There is a bamboo platform so tourist can jump off and dive into the deep blue sea.

Shimizu Island


Simizu Island is also a haven of diverse marine life. You can snorkel and do some fish feeding or lounge around the beach and wait as your guide will prepare sumptuous lunch for you. It is a perfect spot to appreciate the beauty of El Nido because it has a good vantage point.

Seven Commandos BeachEl-Nido-Tour-A-9723

This is usually the final destination for most tours and a perfect relaxation spot after a long day. The beach got its name to from the 7 Japanese commandos who lived in the island after World War II. The island has a long coastline with palm trees as resting shade for tourists.

Secret Lagoon
The façade of Secret Lagoon reminds you of Koh Phi Phi, the island where Leonardo Di Caprio’s “The Beach” was filmed. It is encircled with limestone cliffs. As soon as you dock, you have to enter into a small hole which is the gateway into the secret lagoon.

Guidelines to Heed for Participants

The tour does not include the provision of wearable’s to its clients, with the exception of snorkeling gears. It is therefore advised that clients who are to go through the tour should bring their own such as a change of clothes and swimming attire. In cases where bringing snorkeling gears is not possible, the tour provider can rent out snorkeling gears to their clients before departure.

For safety and security, always verify whether your tour provider is licensed or not. Licensing ensures that the tour provider is fit to operate and could follow on set guidelines. This includes minimizing the potential damage to the environment as a result of the tour, rendering first aid to anyone in the tour as needed, as well as the teaching element involved. The tour guide must know all of the highlights of El Nido, including its history before and after it became a tourist destination in the country.

Throughout the tour, it is suggested that every client should wear his/her vest at all times. The vest, while used in snorkeling, acts as your protection as well as to the corals from harm. Concerning the health of the existing reeves, it is suggested that clients maintain a safe 3-meter distance from the nearby coral reef whenever possible. This prevents any form of accident involving any person and the corals.

When snorkeling, be very careful not to step on the corals as it puts you in harm’s way resulting from the potentially harmful organisms living in them. You not only just save yourself from harm doing so, you also get to preserve the corals, which are basically a home to many marine animals. Even an innocent gesture such as touching of the corals are also prohibited as it potentially harms the coral polyps. 

Be wary of your wastes – biodegradables and non-biodegradables alike — whenever in the tour. As part of maintaining the status of El Nido as a clean and green tourist destination in Palawan, clients are advised not to litter by applying mindful practice of the segregation of wastes and its proper disposal. It is not just the reputation of El Nido that is at stake by making it clean, even marine animals are a concern when it comes to wastes, especially the non-biodegradables.

Other Must-Knows

Taxes and Charges: Every person going through the tour are quoted in Philippine Peso (PHP) and is subject to a 5% service charge, including 12% value added tax.

El Nido Eco-Tourism Development Funds: Established sometime around 2008, the El Nido Eco-Tourism Development Funds (ETDF) is intended to provide the means on the expenses of in maintaining a sound environment and its needed protection. More than just for funding, the EDTF also serves as the head when developing environmental protection projects which should limit the impact of tourism on areas of concern. A fee amounting to 200 pesos per individual is assessed to everyone going through the tour upon arrival.

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    I would like to inquire about your el nido package tour..we r planning to go there in June..we are about 15pax.. Please tell us about d ilocos Norte tour as well..thanks..

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