Island Hopping in Samal Island

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Discover the Irresistible Gemstones of Samal Island!

Samal is not known as the “Island Garden City” for nothing. With a pristine environment that presents a stark contrast with the metropolitan place of Davao — while sitting just a few minutes away from it by ferry — Samal is the perfect getaway for those looking for a reprieve from the bustling city.

But a trip to Samal island is useless unless you can visit its hidden gems. Hop around the island and discover new bits of paradise. One such place is Talicud Island, which sits to south-west of the larger Samal area. Ready for a trip of a lifetime that won’t leave you broke after? Let’s dive in!


Php – 500 /pax (Please note food is not included in the Package)

Php- 950 / pax (With free lunch mostly seafoods, drinks and coffee)

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Weekend and holiday tours are open, taking off from Sta. Ana Wharf and touching bases with the following destinations:

  • From Sta. Ana Wharf
  • Angels Cove or Coral Garden
  • Babu Santa Beach Resort
  • Sabang Cliff
  • Giant Clam Sanctuary (Entrance fee not included)
  • Diaz Island

Sightseeing at

Scuba Diving Sample photos

Angel’s Cove and Coral Garden. The perfect diving spot around this area, Angel’s Cove offers the perfect view of the rich marine biodiversity of Samal. This is located at the protected waters of Talicud.

Babu Santa Beach Resort. Famous as the perfect lunch-time stop for its filling meals and fantastic view, Babu Santa is a haven of white sand and crystal waters. It is also a must-see for photographers who want to take shots of the grounded jetty on the beach.

Sabang Cliff. If you like the beach but dislike the same-old views, try this for the kicks. Sabang Cliff offers a spot where you can jump off from different spots — from 14 to 40 feet — and into the dazzling blue waters!

Giant Clam Sanctuary. Protected by the Davao del Norte State College, it is located on an islet in a fishing town. Clams of all sizes and colors abound, arranged in neat rows on the sandy bed. This once-in-a-lifetime chance to view endangered clams comes with an entrance fee of Php 100, so bring some pocket money along.

Diaz Island. If you like your beaches bordered by lush greens like no other, Diaz Island is a must-see. Here’s where you can discover the beauty of life outside the constraints of the city.

The trip does not end here! As a bonus, there are also sightseeing sessions at the posh Pearl Farm Beach Resort, Hof Gorei, Jorona Resort, Wishing Island, and Malipano Island! 


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