Top 15 Christmas Gift Ideas for Travellers for PHp 500 or less

It’s almost that time of the year again, where lights are hung on a tree, all the greatest recipes are cooked, and boxes with special items are wrapped. Christmas is fast approaching and everyone is preparing their Christmas shopping list. It isn’t easy to choose gifts you would purchase for friends, loved one’s, family, etc. Most especially if that person is a traveler and you know nothing about traveling. Well, worry no more because the list down below are great Christmas gift ideas for Travelers and all for a cheap price!

Dry bag 

Buy Now only Php 495

A traveler without a travel bag is non-existent. It is a must to have one. And what’s better than a travel bag? A dry bag! A dry bag helps keep all the objects inside the bag dry.

Inflatable Sofa Bed

Buy now only Php 486

No, we are not talking about mattresses but inflatable sleeping beds, must be compact and lightweight and easy to inflate. So that your loved ones would have a great rest during their trip.

Aqua shoes

Buy now only Php 502

If your friend is the kind of traveler that spends an ample amount of time in the water during their trips, water shoes will be a perfect gift for them. It would protect their feet but also make them feel comfortable during their beach walks.

Waterproof Packing cubes

Buy now only Php 299

Help them organize their clothes, shoes, toiletries by buying them packing cubes. This would help them because they don’t have to take out everything just to get what they need.

Monopad Travel Selfie Stick

Buy now only Php 229

Any traveler would appreciate anything that would help make taking photographs of the moments they have easier.

Deuter belt bag

Buy now only Php 590

Not everything they want to bring is placed inside their travel bag. Things such as, cellphone, camera, wallet, shades, etc. they would want to easily get a hold of.

Camping hammock

Buy now only Php 499

Another kind of gift for sleeping or resting hours is a portable camping hammock. Who wouldn’t enjoy falling asleep while enjoying the breeze and getting swayed to sleep?

Travel pillow

Buy now only Php 399

Long hours of sitting down on a bus, ship, car, or plane, is spent by travelers. A travel pillow would make them have a more comfortable trip.

Quick Dry Travel Bath towel

Buy now only Php 394

You wouldn’t want your friend to use his/her own shirt to dry themselves off after swimming in a lake or getting sweaty from a hike, now would you?

Water bottle

Buy now only Php 399

One must stay hydrated all the time. And walking, swimming, running, etc. takes a lot of effort and energy. So a water bottle is exactly what they would need especially if the place they are going to has no drinking water area.

Micro SD with Adapter

Buy now only Php 349

Taking pictures and suddenly running out of memory is a big “NO” during the trip. Best to help them stock up on memory.

Medicine kit

Buy now only Php 441

Better to be safe than sorry. Buy a small cheap bag and fill it up with basic meds that would be of use to them in case of emergencies.

Bluetooth Earphones

Buy now only Php 500

To make their trip even cozier, pair up that travel pillow with earphones. So that they could listen to music and doze off easily.


Most trips are done during the day and sometimes the scorching sun gets too bright for the eyes and the face. A cap would help protect their eyes and face from the harsh sun.

Portable Gas Burner

Buy now only Php 500

For those people that prefer to be one with nature and want to have an overnight stay, a tent is a “should have” for them and a great gift idea for you.

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