Top 50 Must-visit Tourist Destinations in Davao City

Lon Wa Buddhist Temple



The Lon Wa Buddhist Temple also known as Long Hua Temple is the biggest Buddhist temple in Mindanao. The temple can be easily reached by taking a cab to Cabaguio Avenue – an extension of Leon Garcia Street or riding a jeepney with the sign “Sasa”.

Tamayong Mountain Prayer

TamayongPhoto from The Garden of Eden Restored

Its impressive full name is the Covenant Mountain and Prayer Center, up in Tamayong, Mt. Apo, Calinan, less than an hour’s ride from downtown Davao. For the Reverend Apollo C. Quiboloy, Executive Pastor of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ the Name Above Every Name, it is a haven for peace and prayer, for contemplation and soul searching.

San Pedro Cathedral

San Pedro Cathedral is not only the oldest church in Davao City, but also the city’s premier historical landmark. It was named after San Pedro (Saint Peter), the patron saint of Davao. The original structure was built in 1847 during the arrival of the Spanish Conquistadors, led by Don Jose Uyanguren.

 Tribu Kamindanawan

kamindanawanPhoto from Tribu K’Mindanawan FB PAge

Cathedral Cave in Golden  Gate Adventure CAthedral Cave (1)


Yellow Gate Adventure Resort is a 28-hectare mountain resort, accessible on a 1-hour drive from Davao City and its independently owned by Babao Estate Development Corporation.  It’s closest place in Davao City for clienteles to unwind and relax.

Magsaysay Park

Photo from

Magsaysay Park in Davao City is a beautifully landscaped public park that sits on a huge sprawling expanse that faces the clear blue waters of Davao Gulf.

Davao Chinatownuntitled-7565

Davao Chinatown, also known as Mindanao Chinatown, is the only Chinatown in Mindanao, Philippines. It is located in Davao City. At around 44 hectares, it is at the center of numerous business establishments, of which a great majority is owned by Chinese Filipinos.

Davao City Hallcityhall2

The City Hall of Davao was originally built as a Municipal Hall in 1926. Back then. Davao was not yet declared as a city as was still a part of the larger Davao Province. In 1937, after a bill was sponsored by then Assemblyman Romualdo C. Quimpo to make Davao City as a chartered city.

Outland Adventure

Outland Adventure is the largest ropes course facility in the Philippines situated in a private nature sanctuary just minutes from downtown Davao City.

Wild Water Rafting at Davao River

Wild Water Rafting is one of the widely popular eco-tourism and outdoor adventures in Davao City. The site for this extreme water sport is the Davao River. The 3 1/2 hour wild water rafting starts from Barrio Tamugan in Calinan, and then ends at the lowlands.

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  • welland sales

    Davao City looks incredible and a dream place to visit someday

  • Christ ian

    Someday I’m gonna visit this places with my family

  • Jesa Gordon

    I would like to add the Samal Island, Davao del Norte. There’s a lot of beautiful beaches and theres 2 waterfalls the Hagimit Falls in Peñaplata and the Tagbaobo waterfalls..

  • Chris Pasinabo

    Hi, thank you for this website. Do you have an easily printable list of these top destinations so I can have it printed? Thank you!

  • Cristel sajulan

    how to book?

  • Aww uhmm… The pioneer of durian candies in Davao is Lola Abons not Apo ni Lola and we are not in any way related to them. Sadly, they will always spread as if we are part of them. :((((

  • Ysabel

    Hello. I am a Davao native. When in Davao, prepare to gain weight no matter how short your visit is (hahaha). Here are some of the places I would recommend:
    -Tiny Kitchen
    -Marina Tuna
    -Ahfat Seafood Plaza
    -Blue Post’s Boiling Crabs & Shrimps
    -Yellow Fin
    -Majid’s Kabab
    -Ellen’s Tuna Queen
    -Night market at Roxas Avenue

    Also visit Aldevinco Shopping Center for cultural pasalubongs. Hope this helps! 🙂

    • Swannie

      i’m a davaoena too. i also highly recommend marilog mountain resorts, ang dami doon! hahaha. Also the Tamayong Prayer Mountain, geezzz ang ganda ng mga flowers nila and the landscaping!

    • Anjeaneth

      Where can I find unique coffee shop here in davao?

    • JVM

      So helpful. thank you

  • Dysa

    Thanks! It saved me from my reports.

  • Nonoy Avellanosa

    Must have taken years to provide this long list. Thanks a lot for sharing these important destinations in Davao. Very useful for those who have not yet visited the most livable city in PH.

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