Where to Stay in Baguio: Azalea Residences

Most of the time we go out of town to give our self that well deserved break. Here in the Philippines, there are many destinations and places to go to when we think of a place to relax. One of the obvious choices is Baguio.

Baguio City is just the perfect place to go to when we want to relax. Other than the cool weather, the overall atmosphere of Baguio invites you; it is the place to go when you need to some time to breathe. A quick visit or a single night is just not enough to fully re-energize yourself. And a highly recommended place to stay in whenever you’re in Baguio is the Azalea Residences Baguio.

Azalea Residences Baguio is definitely one of the most quaint and modern hotels in Baguio. The hotel is located along Leonard Wood Loop. Situated in a very peaceful and serene neighborhood; Azalea Residences is a great place for family and/or friend outings.

From the exterior design, you can already tell that you’re about to enter a very chic hotel. And the interior design proves that right. The architecture, the aesthetics, everything about how the hotel was built and designed gives it its classy look.

The hotel can accommodate a lot of guests, so bring your whole clan with you! Each room is cozy,  spacious and everything is kept spic-and-span. They have have deluxe rooms, 2 bedrooms and 3 bedrooms depending on your needs.

The deluxe room with one bedroom is inclusive of the following: a balcony that overlooks the great view; a living area with a super comfy couch; bathroom with shower; complete kitchen and dining area; and of course, a bedroom with a cozy queen-sized bed. So the one bedroom deluxe room is a great choice for couples or just two friends planning to go to Baguio.

While the deluxe room with two bedrooms is inclusive of similar features with the one bedroom such as the spacious balcony, the complete kitchen and dining area, and the comfortable living room. Although, they do have differences such as the deluxe room with two bedrooms has, by its name, two bedrooms: 1 master’s bedroom and one guest room. The master’s bedroom has a queen-sized bed while the guest room has a full sized bed. But both bedrooms do have clean and spacy bathrooms. This choice is a bit more family, and barkada friendly. Friends can share the beds of each room, while if its family trip, parents can take the master’s bedroom and their child can take the guest room.

And the last but certainly isn’t the least, the deluxe room with three bedrooms. Again, it has its similarities with the other two types of deluxe rooms such as the balcony, kitchen and dining area, and living room. This also has two bathrooms. But unlike the other two types of deluxe rooms, this has three bedrooms, all of which have queen-sized beds. So if you’re a big family or a lot of friends going on vacation, this would be the best choice.

Their restaurant called Tradisyon has a nice theme to it. By its name it’s obvious that it offers traditional food, but what better food is there than the classic Filipino comfort food, which is exactly what the restaurant offers.  Their best sellers include Bulasing (bulalo na sinigang),  sinigang na bagnet,  and freshly baked moist carrot cake. It matches with the feel of the hotel: classy. Definitely value for your money meals!

And for those of you who wish to loosen up and have some drinks, the bar in the hotel can offer you drinks to satisfy your thirst for alcohol.

They have welcoming, helpful and fast-acting staff. May it be the concierge, the bellboy, the guard, the housekeeping; every single staff of the hotel will greet you with a smile on their face. They are always ready to serve!

A lot of establishments are only a couple of minutes away. Whether it is food, drink, or leisure establishments; you are sure to find at least more than handful that you can go to just minutes away from the hotel.

To top it off, if ever you’re not quite sure where and/or what to do in Baguio, the hotel can help you plan your tour arrangement and schedule. They are that accommodating!

The last but most certainly not the least: the price. With all that has been mentioned, the number one reason why Azalea Residences is a great hotel is because despite all the classy and high end treatment you’ll get here, your pocket wouldn’t have to suffer as much.

There is no better place to stay in Baguio than in Azalea Residences.

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