Antulang Beach Resort, Dumaguete City

Antulang Beach Resort, Dumaguete City

Nestled 40 kilometers south of Dumaguete City, Philippines, Antulang Beach Resort is proud to be the only resort in Negros island with private pool villas as well as suites and cottages equipped with heated outdoor Jacuzzis, satellite TV, DVD/audio players and mini-bars. Suspended on ten sprawling hectares of sheer cliffs peppered with bright-colored bougainvilleas, swimming pools and premium rooms are positioned right at the cliffs’ edge, ensuring guests a commanding view of an endless sea, while winding staircases lead directly to a kilometer’s stretch of isolated white sand beach.

If there’s one thing we take pride in, it’s the beaches of Antulang. White and pristine against the beckoning turquoise-blue seas, few guests have resisted its allure. Take a walk down a winding staircase from your cottage on the cliff and stroll along the shell-cluttered, secluded beach as you welcome the sunrise. And keep an eye on the water, you just might see a jumping sailfish or a glimpse of a resident spinner dolphin!

Antulang is home to 17 documented dive sites. Manta rays, hawksbill turtles, groupers and a multitude of marine life await the most discriminating diver. Our night dives come highly recommended–guests swear it’s like diving in your very own private aquarium! And if snorkeling is more up your alley, Antulang’s shallow corals are home to colorful clownfish, butterfly fish, eels and the occasional octopus.

While you wander around the resort, you may notice some fruit-bearing trees which are endemic to the area, so by all means, indulge and help yourself to some manzanitas (bears fruit all-year round–try to get some ahead of the fruit bats and birds), sereguelas (abundant in April and May) bayabas (wild guavas, available most of the year) and wild passion fruit; just stay away from the fruits of the noni tree, which are not edible, and the fruits of the ubiquitous tigpud trees, which is strictly for the birds!

And speaking of birds, expect to listen in on their chirping, especially in the early mornings. Meanwhile, please don’t be surprised to spot the occasional monitor lizard (locally called “halo”), hermit crabs (“umang”), sentinel crabs (“kagang”) and geckos (“tuko”) who, like you are also out to enjoy themselves in their natural habitat.

Other than diving and snorkeling, kayaking, horseback riding and rappelling are offered along with scheduled cruises to famed Apo Island and nearby Tambobo Bay. An added highlight for our guests: Although sunrise and sunset are both visible from the resort, at certain times of the year one can marvel at Antulang’s sunset and the simultaneous rising of a full moon.

Scuba diving is all about that elusive, natural high of an adrenaline rush, that blend of exhilaration and anticipation that comes with every dive…So no matter how you define diving—sport, hobby, profession, a spiritual experience—at Antulang you’ll discover that first and foremost, diving is all about having fun, respect for nature and the realization that we are indeed very privileged underwater guests who need to be mindful of our safety and environment.

Antulang is home to numerous lush, spectacular dive sites, most of which are a 5-minute boat ride away, with some barely a few meters from our shores. Guaranteed to captivate both novice and seasoned divers, we think one Australian PADI dive instructor put it best: “Unlike other dive spots where you expect to see one or two specific species of fish or coral, at Antulang you are at once immersed in a smorgasbord of marine life! There’s so much variety that every dive goes beyond your expectations.”

How to get there

4 daily flights to Dumaguete City Airport. Travel time: 1 hour. Book with Air Philippines or Cebu Pacific Air.

2 daily trips to Dumaguete City Seaport via fast ferries. Travel time: 3 1/2 hours.

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