Top 20 Activities / Things to-do in Boracay

There is no doubt that the Philippines is blessed with beautiful tourist destinations. With 7,107 islands, Philippines has more than thousand destinations to choose from. Among those blessed with authenticity and good-looking sceneries is the Boracay Island. World renowned for its clear blue waters with powdery white sandy shores, this island is one of the […]

[Updated]19 Beaches Near Metro Manila and How to Get There

Escaping from the busy urban life like that of Manila is actually achievable even if you just have the holiday season or the weekend to make the most of. With several fine-looking tropical beaches to pick from that is accessible either by land transport or boat transport, you don’t have to spend huge bucks of […]

21 Must-Visit Tourist Destinations in Puerto Princesa, Palawan

As the last unsettled area in the country, Palawan is also known as the Last Frontier of the Philippines. The island is a popular attraction for both local and foreign tourists as it offers beautiful mountains covered in lush forests and crystal clear blue waters. Puerto Princesa, the provincial seat of Palawan, is a coastal […]

Create the Ultimate Hi-Tech Camping Experience

A family holiday favourite and a way to get back in touch with nature; camping has been a getaway choice for many over the years. The easiest way to have a staycation if you’re not wanting to hop on a plane or ferry with the kids, camping offers so many wonderful experiences both traditional and […]

A Travel Guide to Tinuy-an Falls, the Philippine Niagara

Have you ever wondered why the Niagara Falls in Canada is such a popular place for honeymooners? It is not just because it is majestic. Waterfalls represent vigorous and beautiful life, and spending the first few moments of your married life amidst so much beauty and hope augers well for any couple. You don’t have […]

Mati City Tourist Spots and Travel Guide

It is no longer a secret that majority of the most beautiful places to explore in the Philippines are situated in the farther reaches of the country. And one of the several untainted tourism jewels that are yet to be recognized are those nestled in Mati City. Undeniably Mati is a great mixture of natural […]

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Bantayan Tourist Spots and Travel Guide

Sometimes all you need is a break. Life can be tiring. May it be work, school or just life as a whole; everyone deserves that breath of fresh air away from the noise and pollution of a crowded city. Cebu, a province of the Philippines, has 167 beautiful islands that surround it. And one of […]

UPDATED: Top 20 Luxury Resorts in the Philippines 2019

Philippines is made up of over 7,100 islands and here you can find hundreds of fine beautiful beaches and luxury resorts that will surely make your vacation grand. Here are the top 20 luxury resorts in the Philippines (in alphabetical order) Aman Resort Amanpulo is the most luxurious resort in the Philippines with skyrocketing rates that can […]

23 Amazing Destinations in Mindanao [Updated 2019]

Just when you thought only Luzon and Visayas has the most fine-looking tourist attractions in the Philippines to explore then Mindanao will definitely prove you wrong. In the farther reaches of Southern Philippines lie several amazing destinations which awaits to be visited. Allow yourself to be mesmerized by the stunning sightseer spots in Mindanao and […]

Philippine Tarsier – Know Them More

Philippine Tarsier – Know Them More

Tarsius syrichta or more popularly known as the Philippine Tarsier is one of the tourist destinations when you visit Bohol. However, did you know that Philippine Tarsiers are not only locally found in Bohol? These tiny primates are also found in Samar, Leyte and in Mindanao. As you already know, Tarsiers is considered as one […]

UPDATED LIST of DOT Accredited Hotels and Resorts in Boracay (as of Jan 2019)

Regarded as a world-class destination for its sandy white sands and clear seawater, Boracay is flocked by tourists, year in and year out. But with the unpleasant visit of current Philippine President, Rodrigo Duterte, involving the place, Boracay has soon become off-limits for some needed cleanse. The problem, as it appears, involves the Boracay’s unwanted […]

Top 50 Must-visit Tourist Destinations in Davao City

Going to Davao might be one of the things that you want to do before you die, however you should also know where particularly in Davao you should go to make the best of your trip. So, here are some of the top fifty places in Davao known to offer tourists and even locals the best […]

Panoramic View of Coron at Mt. Tapyas

Palawan has many treasures. Almost in every corner of this place, you can find a something that would make your jaw drop. But aside from the regular and popular destinations in Palawan, there is a place that any visitor of the Palawan should go to. Add more fun activities to your itinerary by visiting Mt. […]

West Coast Sarangani Expedition: Tuka Bay Marine Sanctuary

Our West Coast Sarangani Saga didn’t end in the Wild Waters of Maitum. Our next chronicle for this expedition is found in the municipality of Kiamba. Kiamba is one of the municipalities in the western part of Sarangani that boasts a long stretch of fine white beach that faces the azure waters of the Mindanao […]

White Water Tubing Adventure at Maitum, Saranggani

Ernest Hemingway once said, “You do not know how long you are in a river when the current moves swiftly. It seems a long time and it may be very short”, this quote holds true with our recent adventure in the wild waters of Pangi River in Maitum, Saranggani – so long yet so short. […]

What to do BEFORE, DURING and AFTER a Typhoon

Heavy rains had made the Philippines’ capital paralyzed this week submerging about 70% of its total land area. This scenario has always become a “normal” scene and an annual headline every rainy season. Storms have become the country’s constant visitor and they always, I mean always leave something disastrous after. So with such “usual” scenario […]

Top 10 Luxury Resorts in Bohol

Known as a gem among the travel enthusiasts as the perfect vacation destination as epitomized by the spectacle sight of the Chocolate Hills, the surrounding islets of the province, and the endangered species of lemurs called Tarsier. But more than its vistas or close encounter to the natural kind, Bohol Tour also makes for a […]

Top 16 Must-visit Travel Destinations in Bicol Region

When you get that itch on your feet to go frolicking in the sand and dipping away the hot sting of the summer heat, the Bicol region is the perfect place for you as it offers not one or five but 17 perfect summer getaways to fill up a month’s travel. Calaguas Island in Camarines […]

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