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Just recently, I was able to fly to Boracay  thanks to Azalea Hotels & Residences Boracay. This great opportunity has fed the itching travel bug inside me to once again visit the beautiful island of Boracay.

Azalea Hotels and Residences is a relatively new addition in the growing hospitality industry here in the Philippines. The first property was of Azalea Hotels and Residences was actually in Baguio but just a couple of years ago, they have opened as well in Boracay. They are situated comfortably close by to the notable White Beach of Boracay, they have all-suite rooms in their 6-storey building.

Upon my arrival, I was welcomed by the genuinely kind and friendly staff of the hotel. I was given a necklace, a thirst-quenching fruit shake and a cold towel. They gave us a very modernized and creative key card. Looks similar to a watch, but it’s actually a waterproof wristband. Which is great because I know that one of the problems of vacationers in Boracay is losing their key cards when they have too much fun. This will avoid that unfortunate event.

Their lobby was a mixture of modern and summer-like design. Even just from the lobby, you can already feel a sweet, crisp ambiance in the whole hotel. I guess this is because of their modern and fresh-look design which is a perfect mesh with the most famous beach on this planet – Boracay. While the roof deck of the hotel is where you can find the kiddie pool, adult pool, fountain, and Jacuzzi.

By the way, since the hotel is located in Station 2, just near McDonald’s, it isn’t a long walk before you reach the bars, restaurants, and different commercial establishments at White Beach. Yes, this means that if you plan to party all night long, you wouldn’t need to go far from the hotel. And D’Mall is also easily reachable from the hotel.

So, from the warm, welcoming staff, perfect location and beautiful amenities, Azalea Hotel and Residences has so far impressed me. But I was even more impressed when I got to my room.

I did not expect the room to be this roomy and convenient. They are fully equipped, they have a complete kitchen, a cozy living room, and a full dining room. The rooms have bright color motifs. But not too bright that it doesn’t soothe your eyes. There’s also a TV in the living room where friends or family’s can just sit and watch after a fun filled day.

The complete kitchen gives their guests the choice to cook and eat their own food for their convenience. And their bedroom is simply amazing. A huge and soft bed, fluffy pillows, and a well-lit room is what they offer, which is exactly what I want so I would get that good night sleep.

The bathrooms are as what I expected. Simple yet modern. Although as you enter the bathroom, you can smell a pleasing aroma coming from the toiletries given by the hotel.

The more my days went on during my stay in Azalea Hotel and Residences, I learn more and more things to love in this hotel.

As I have mentioned earlier, the staff welcomes you with a warm greeting and soft smiles. But whenever you actually see a staff, they also still greet you with that genuine smile. Whenever I have any questions, they kindly accommodated me.

Ube Halo-halo is a must-try at Kuya J

Azalea  have Kuya J in their hotel as well. This is where guests can have a breakfast buffet or a meal any time of the time if they wish. The dishes sure do taste delicious. They were all classic Filipino food that was all well cooked that even from afar you can already smell that you’re about to have a great meal.

Although swimming in the beach isn’t the only thing you can do here at at Azalea Hotel and Residences. They have a wide array of activities that any guest would enjoy. You can just go to the front desk and ask about the packages and tours they have if you’d like.

The itching travel bug inside me was extremely satisfied with this beautiful experience thanks to Azalea Hotel and Residences. And I’m pretty sure your travel bug would be satisfied as well if you decide to go here.

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