Bali Bali Beach Resort, Samal, Davao del Norte

Bali Bali Beach Resort, Samal, Davao del Norte

Bali Bali Beach Resort got its name from the word “bali bali”, which, in the native dialect of Pangasinan, means “beautiful”. Thus, a beautiful resort. The one-hectare property is located at the southwest coastline of the Island Garden City of Samal.

Bali Bali is a semi-private resort. It operates on pre-arranged, pre-booked accommodations. No walk-ins are allowed. The resort boasts of its features that promote tranquility, serenity and privacy. The design is Asian inspired with six villas of different room themes.

The Pavilion serves as the main hall where guests coming in by land or by boat are welcomed. Here, food is served to guests visiting the resort either on day tour or overnight packages.

Fronting the pavilion is the main attraction of this part of the resort. The infinity pool. This stretches its beautiful view up to the ocean.

Bali Bali joins the number of resorts nestling in the Island Garden City of Samal. But with pride we offer a different kind of experience that’s worth your visit — your time. Because you deserve the best vacation in a tranquil, serene and private place along with the beautiful nature you are blessed with.

An overnight stay at Bali Bali is a must. Inclusive of a full day’s meals (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner), experience the peace and tranquility of staying in any of the resort’s themed villas.

The Resort’s Facilities & Amenities

  • Beach/Beachfront with Huts for massage and spa services
  • Infinity Swimming pool
  • Outdoor Jacuzzi
  • Digital Videoke System
  • DVD/CD Sound System
  • Television set with Cable services

Rental of aqua sports gears like ocean kayak, snorkel equipment, and others will be charged separately. Advanced aqua sports activities like jetski,banana boat, wake boarding, speed boat and diving may be arranged in advance with the booking office.

Spa Services

Pamper yourself with a whole body massage by the sea to complete your relaxation at the resort. All done at the Bale´ House especially designed for massage and spa services only. You may choose to go carefree and open all the curtains and allow the sea breeze to touch your body or opt to doze off privately all throughout.

How to Get There?

Option 1: Bring your own car and take the Davao-Samal Ferry Boat at Sasa. Once on the island, turn right and take a 20-minute drive heading south along Samal’s Coastal Road.

Option 2: We can provide you boat transfers. Please arrange with our booking office. Docking area is located at the Davao Boat Club Marina, Lanang Aplaya. Chartered Boat (good for 15 pax) – Php 2,500.00 roundtrip

Option 3: Bring your own speed boat and cruise heading towards the southern part of the island. Bali Bali is at bearing 7° 03’ 50.75” N 125° 41’ 01.41” E.

Option 4: Arrange with our booking office for your land/barge transfers. From our Davao office, we will give you our private vehicle service to take you to the resort and back. Fees will apply.

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  • John May

    BEWARE!! The owners of Bali Bali Resort are rip-off artists!! A friend of mine paid a large deposit to have their wedding there, after which Bali Bali ignored them and later refused to give them back their money. WATCH-OUT for your wallet and your money!!

    Bali Bali, Samal, Philippines

  • Jes lee

    too bad.. i was hoping we could have our wedding and reception there next year. but looks like the service is not that good.

  • Noeme

    Bad place to go Bali Bali Resort Samal Davao is the worst place to go the Lady owner is very rude and will trick you the price, price on the internet is way different to the actual price at first when you contact them one of her kids will accomodate you and when your done paying and ready for your holiday the mother will talk to you and when you say your daughter say this and guess what she is going to tell you YOU ARE DEALING WITH MY DAUGHTER NOT ME SO I DONT KNOW (I heard she did this all the time) aside from that the lady care taker in the resort is not very helpful if you dont show tip it seems like every question you ask there is a payment when you ask her about the place she will turn around and say I dont know …. I would suggest Pearl Farm the owner is very accomodating despite her status I believe she was a Miss Universe. or Paradise Island samal I heard its way better the Bali Bali and the food is non stop unlike Bali Bali you have to request ahead of time so you have food or else you end up hungry in the ISLAND and as I said if you have the lady care taker where to get some food she will tell you I DONT KNOW!!!

  • Jorge

    10 people overnight how much its cost?

  • Noel

    any contact information where i could make a reservation?

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