Baras Beach Resort, Guimaras

Baras Beach Resort, Guimaras

This is another little hidden resort on the western coast of Guimaras, one hour by banca from mainland Iloilo. The resort nestles in a very pretty interior bay from the midst of which jut out rocky islets. The bay is very sheltered and serves as a mooring place for yachts ad sailing boats in the region. Nothing along the coast of Guimaras gives you a clue of Bara’s existence — unless you enter the bay. The white sand beach of Baras contrasts strikingly with its mantle of luxurious green foliage teeming with bird life.

The Englishman, Peter Harper-Bill, who owns the resort with its Filipino partner Mike Araneta, lives there all year round. On a property covering 17 hectares, he constructed nine bamboo bungalows on stilts, with nipa roofs bringing to mind those in Indonesia. The cottages have the advantage of being quite detached, each perched on the coast overlooking the sea. Each has a lovely terrace but those of the family cottages are particularly impressive. The interior if the cottages is simple with wood flooring, plaited bamboo walls and basic furniture. Each has a bright, white-tiled bathroom.

The activities of Baras are all water-oriented. A fleet of boats including a banca, a catamaran and sailboat are available for rent.. though not always. (These do not belong to Peter.)

It is pleasant to sail around Guimaras, as it is a fairly large island with an area of 579 square kilometers. In the countless bays around the little coral islets, you can stop on the tiny, golden deserted beaches. Some of the areas are favorable for snorkeling.

Mountain hiking is a popular sport in Guimaras. Bikes can be rented in Baras.

How to get there

By air, land and sea, 65-minute daily flights on PAL, Air Philippines or Cebu Pacific from Manila to Iloilo, 15-30 minutes by car from Iloilo airport to the pier, 1 hour by banca from the pier to the resort.


  • Entrance fee on beach for day visitors    75.00 Php
  • Cottage Nr. 1 2 DB          1,500 .00Php
  • Cottage Nr. 3 3 SB           950.00Php
  • Cottage Nr. 4 3 DB          1,500.00Php
  • Cottage Nr. 5 2 DB          1,500.00Php
  • Cottage Nr. 6 1 DB          950.00Php
  • Cottage Nr. 7 2 DB         1,200.00Php
  • Cottage Nr. 8 2 DB         1,200.00Php
  • Cottage Nr. 9 2 DB         1,200.00Php
  • Cottage Nr. 10 2 DB      1,000.00Php
  • Cottage Nr. 11 2 SB       800.00Php
  • Breakfast:

Light breakfast                                     125.00Php
Full Western/Big Asian Breakfast    175.00Php

  • Lunch:

Light Lunch pers. wish       150.00Php
Buffet Lunch                          250.00Php

  • Dinner:

Buffet Dinner                         280.00Php

Amenities & Services:

  • Table tennis
  • Pool Table
  • Darts, Volleyball
  • Basketball
  • Dinghy Rowing
  • Canoe Paddling

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  • Rez

    I would like to ask for the room rates and if we bring food is there a corcage?

  • Milai

    how much po per nyt po?malapit bah mga bilihan jan?

  • Janette Tale

    We were at this resort at the last week of april and I thought this place was beautiful and peaceful, well suited for people who love to enjoy peace and quiet on their holidays. The one thing we were quite disappointed and which we did not expect was the lights on at 6 pm and off at 10 pm. I think this should be stated in the website so people know what to expect and also entrance fees I did not expect as we already paid for the cottages and the pumpboat. This I think should be clearly stated in your prices page that entrance fees are charged even for overnight visitors. Other than these I think the place is unique and beautiful.

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