Busuanga Island, Palawan

Busuanga Island, Palawan

Palawan is dotted by nearly 2,000 islands, many of which have irregular coastlines that make excellent harbors. Palawan is dubbed as the country’s last nature frontier.

Busuanga Island is the largest island in the Calamian Group in the province of Palawan in the Philippines. Busuanga Island is, in fact, the second largest island in the province after Palawan island itself. The island is located halfway between the islands of Mindoro and Palawan with the South China Sea located to the west and the Sulu Sea to the southeast. South of the island are the two other major islands of the Calamian Group: Culion Island and Coron Island.

The western third of the island is under the municipality of Busuanga and the eastern two-thirds belong to the municipality of Coron.

Busuanga Island is mainly known as a diving location due to the eleven World War II Japanese wrecks that were sunk in Coron Bay, a natural anchorage near the town center of Coron, on September 24, 1944. The Busuanga group of islands is located on the northern part of Palawan.

Busuanga is the largest in the Calamian group of islands. What makes Busuanga special are the game reserve and wildlife sanctuary, and the wrecks around Coron Bay. Taking an average of day long trips from the town proper, you can savour the sight of twelve wrecks identified in diveable depths. Although diving can be done anytime, visibility and current are best from October to May. Bonus attractions are Coron’s limestone cliffs and tiny isolated beach coves along with freshwater lakes, one of which features hot springs and can be accessed by a short climb over limestone pinnacles from the sea. A hidden cavern with an underwater entrance to the sea can be explored. Pearl farms
are added attractions.

Busuanga Island is the jump-off point for numerous dive operators. The principal dive sites are 12 WWII Japanese shipwrecks sunk on September 24, 1944 by US Navy action. They range in depth from the surface to 40M. This large variety offers exciting wreck exploration for enthusiasts, from novice divers and snorkelers and recreational divers to experienced TEC divers. Dive operators offer PADI dive courses ranging from Discover Scuba to Assistant Instructor, Technical and Enriched Air Diving, as well as other specialty courses. Dive operators offer day diving, snorkeling trips, and overnight dive safaris. Live-aboard and charter boats also offer diving in the area.



3 days/2 nights Island Hopping

Triple Double Single
Weekday 8,000.00 Php 9,500.00Php 12,500.00Php
Weekend 9,000.00Php 10,500.00Php 13,500.00Php


Additional nights:

3,500.00Php/2,000.00Php/1,750.00Php/1,500.00Php/person with breakfast


3 days/2 night Scuba Diving Package

Triple Double Single
Weekday 12,000.00 13,000.00 15,500.00
Weekend 13,000.00 14,000.00 16,500.00


Amenities & Services:

guitar shaped swimming pool


Jonera Climb

Satellite TV

wifi internet and snacks

limestone’s, marble cliffs and rock formations

caves, go fishing, or simply basking in moonlight

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