Estares Lake Resort in Lake Sebu, South Cotabato

What is there not to love about this resort? Located at Lake Sebu in South Cotabato, this resort has literally seen the development of the lake from being a secluded getaway to its prominence as a top tourist destination nowadays. Read this: the resort has been in business since 1992.Estares (6)

Estares (7)

Floating Cottage


But of course, it has already seen a whole lot of improvement to cater to the ever changing needs and growing demands of tourists over the years.


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Now, aside from the getting a unique Lake Sebu experience, the resort will also treat you to affordable but very comfortable and clean rooms. It is also very accessible as it is just a trike-ride or a hike away from the center of the city.

Estares (4)

Since it is situated right at the shoreline of Lake Sebu, the place is just great and offers an uninterrupted view of the lake. Thus, for those who wish to get a direct and up-close-and-personal feel of Lake Sebu, this resort is definitely for you.Estares (9)

And if all of these are not enough, you must try their food. One of the reasons why Estares Lake Resort is frequented by tourists is because of the tilapia delicacies that they offer. Mostly recommended are their crispy tilapia served with shrimp cracker, the pinalipad na tilapia or the more exotic tilapia kinilaw.

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  • Luyckx Frank

    Is this resort Still open? I cannot contact them thru Facebook, neither with their Phone nbr.

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