Fagg Reef, La Union

Fagg Reef, La Union

La Union is located in the north of Luzon (The main island) in the Philippines. Boasting impressive visibility, and one world class dive site the Tanks, 6 WW2 M10 tanks located some distance from the mainland on Fagg reef. Ranging in depth from 45m to 60m. one tank is also home to a huge moray. We have spotted mantas diving Research reef , but unfortunately dynamite fishing has all but destroyed the reefs around la union and over fishing has seriously damaged the fish population.

A great location for deep tech diving with a couple of almost undived WW2 ship wrecks still in the process of being explored, one is believed to be a Japanese sea plane tender similar to the Akitsushima found in Coron a U.S. Cargo ship at 250 feet and explore the mystery wreck at 245 feet.

This is, without doubt, the most famous site in the area. Situated a 40 min boat trip away from La Union, the reef is actually part of the shelf that marks the divide between The Lingayen Gulf and The South China Sea.

The site may also be referred to as The Tanks as three WW2 M10 tanks were dropped off a barge at the end of the war and came to rest on a ledge part of the way down the drop-off at 39m. As a result, they have become home to a wide and diverse range of marine life.

Around the tanks and on the drop-off you can expect to see wrasses, dorados, Spanish mackerel, king barracuda and leopard rays. Whitetip sharks are common and if you’re really lucky you may come across a whale shark.

It should be emphasized that the drop-off descends to some 250m and currents can carry the unwary towards it. This dive should only be taken by the experienced and a knowledgeable guide employed. This is not an easy dive.

Getting There

La Union and San Fernando are located about a four hour drive up the Northern Expressway from Angeles. It is a prime location with the Mountains and City of Baguio only an hour away. Ideal to combine a few days at the beach with some spectacular sightseeing

Three hours from Angeles City and five hours from Manila, you can take a Philippine Rabbit, Times Transit or Farinas Trans bus going north to San Fernando, La Union, Vigan or Laoag.

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