Follow Euromillions on Twitter for Chance to Win Free Lottery Tickets

Follow Euromillions on Twitter for Chance to Win Free Lottery Tickets

The Euromillions lottery is well known throughout Europe and is expanding to reach players around the world through The website gives players around the world access to the largest lottery in Europe, an unheard of advance in lotteries. Right now, it’s even easier to play.

For those who think they can handle 5 free Euromillions tickets, there is a chance for such a prize. Simply follow (@_lotteries) on their Twitter feed and repost their delay message. One winner of 5 free Euromillions tickets will be chosen on Friday, shortly before the lottery drawing. It’s that simple.

For those unfamiliar with or the Euromillions lottery, read on. is an exciting and convenient way to play the largest lottery in Europe from anywhere in the world. Players simply create an account and follow a few easy steps to purchase tickets. Then, they wait for any winnings to be deposited into their bank account. It’s never been so easy to play a lottery. And anybody in the world can play. Anybody.

The lottery itself is a partnership between lottery authorities in 9 European countries. It offers 13 different prize categories. Prizes start in the lowest categories at a few Euros, usually enough to pay for a ticket. Prizes grow in successive categories to a few hundred thousand Euros and then finally, the jackpot.

The jackpot is the cherry on top of Euromillions. This is the one that everybody is after. The jackpot is won by a player matching all 5 regular numbers, as well as the 2 lucky star numbers on their ticket. If the jackpot is not won, then it’s sum is added to the next jackpot drawing. Consecutive rollover, as this mechanism is referred to, makes the jackpot grow very quickly, and anticipation of a massive jackpot along with it. The jackpot is limited to €190 million. Additional funds from consecutive rollover cascade into the next lowest prize category.

The jackpot for the drawing on Tuesday has already reached €152 million. Already an attractive prize, it could grow even larger for Friday’s drawing if there is no winner. At that point, any of the 5 free tickets from the Twitter competition could become jackpot winners and change one lucky winner’s life forever.

To get involved, visit or find them on Twitter with their user ID @_lotteries.

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