Halea Island (San Miguel), Masbate

Halea Island (San Miguel), Masbate

Halea Island, locally known as San Miguel Island, is a 30 hectare crescent-shaped island located at the heart of the Philippine Islands on the northern tip of Ticao Island off Masbate in the Bicol Region. It is 300 kilometers south of Manila, accessible by air, land, and sea.

San Miguel Island is the host to perhaps the only remaining coral reef within a 3-hour radius of the town of Monreal. It is host to rare and endangered species such as the coconut crab, a much sought table delicacy that must now be protected from human consumption.

Sea turtles, the hawksbill turtle in particular, have occasionally been observed to nest in the white sandy beaches of the island. The whale shark found in nearby Donsol, Sorsogon is also a common sight in the waters surrounding San Miguel Island. Divers also frequent the area in search of the giant Manta rays that are frequently seen in large numbers during the Manta season – February to September.

The threatened Philippine oriole, and numerous other rare bird species are still found in the forested sections of the island.

Imagine waking up to a smooth breeze on a bedroom standing atop a limestone cliff, with the dramatic view of the sun rising in the horizon.

Stand up, take a deep breath of the fresh morning air that fills your lungs and say to yourself, what a beautiful place. You look into the horizon once more and as the sky clears, you get a glimpse of the majestic Mayon Volcano, standing tall with its perfectly shaped cone, a sight that makes it indeed one of the wonders of the world.

Feeling energized by the sun, you walk to the Pavilion across your room and take a sip of your freshly made hot chocolate while still remaining mesmerized by the setting you find yourself in.

Surreal as it sounds, this is the true Halea Island experience.

Halea Island has 4 guest rooms that can accommodate a total of 16 people (4 people per room). This limited capacity makes the Halea Island experience more unique by giving guests a more private and cozy ambience.

How to get there

For international travelers, access to the island by air is a short 45-minute flight from Manila or Cebu to Legaspi or Masbate airports.

From Legaspi City, the resort’s airport shuttle service takes the guests by land to the Port of Pilar (Sorsogon) in 45 minutes.

A boat ride in the fast craft vessel or Montenegro Lines to the island or our own motorized outrigger boat will take another 45 minutes. From Cebu you may also take a boat to Masbate via Trans Asia Shipping Lines.

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