Hugon Beach, San Juan, Batangas

Hugon Beach, San Juan, Batangas

Located in Barangay Hugon, San Juan. The sand in Hugon Beach is white and is more than one kilometer long. Some parts of the sea bottom are covered with smooth rocks although the bottom is predominantly sandy. There is a sudden drop-off only about ten meters from the beach.

The stretch of the sea floor is covered with white sand and smooth rocks. Aqua sports, such as snorkeling and swimming are recommended.

How to get there: Barangay Hugon is about 24 kilometers from the town proper of San Juan. The roads are very rough and can only be reached by high axled vehicles. An alternative is by motor boat from Batangas City.

Travel time: The boat ride takes about 3-5 hours depending on the type of the engine of the boat.

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  • Connie Gabilagon

    Rates and availability of rooms good for 40pax on May 2-3

  • Cely-Ann Gulajer

    what are the contact details for hugon beach

  • Vonna

    have any contact number over there??..
    how to contact and call that resort???
    its difficult to find,, coz no display contact number…

  • Kath

    hi!!what beach resort is located in this area?how far is this from laiya?

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