Intramuros Manila – The Quaint City Must-Do List

Intramuros ManilaA place that will take you back to the past- Intramuros. It is also know as the walled city, which has a bricked barrier circumventing the whole city that is 8 meters wide and 22 meters high. It was the focal area for military, religious and political powers in Spanish era. The only people who can reside the place were pure Spaniards or the mestizos. The city was severely bombarded and shattered when the Japanese and American war in 1945 transpired. Much of the city’s architecture was destroyed, and only the San Agustin Church remained standing after the siege. The place was then refurbished by the former first lady Imelda Marcos. The new buildings were patterned after European architecture to retain the Spanish-era influences.

Tammy Sulit

I have been to Intramuros for a couple of visits. Its mysterious past triggers my hype to explore the place more.

Here is my list of MUST DOS when you visit INTRAMUROS..

1.) Start your journey by walking on the walls… It is like you are in a 2-storey high building, you can see the busy streets of Intramuros from up there. I feel safer walking here than in the streets. Meet some guards who impersonate the “guardia civils”. See the cannons that peek through the walls.

Walking in Intramuros

2.) Or maybe, try the kalesa which can tour you around the city without the pain of walking for miles. Prepare 300.00 for this though. The kutcheros are also informative tour guides.

Kalesa in Intramuros

3.) Witness the beauty of 2 exquisite churches- the Manila Cathedral and the San Agustin Church (the oldest standing church in the Philippines).

Manila Cathedral

4.) Visit some historical landmarks that will teach you more about our country’s past. This was the only time I knew that the 1st UST was standing here.

5.) Want to play golf? Then enjoy their golf course. Playing at night will not be a problem either because the place is well lit.

6.) You must not miss out going to Fort Santiago, the place where our National Hero Dr. Jose Rizal was imprisoned. Rizal stayed here before his execution. You can even see a replicated footprints of his pathway out. You can also enter his museum where a lot of his old writings are displayed, and some of his garments and stuffs. Entrance fee to Fort Santiago: 75.00 (adult) 50.00 (student). They also have cool kalesas inside.


7.) I would also like to feature something, I found Starbucks, Jollibee and McDonalds inside Intramuros, but its design is pretty fascinating, it looked like part of the old architecture.

8.)  There are also great restaurants you can try inside this walled city. Barbara’s Restaurant is known to offer buffet meals where guests are entertained by a cultural presentation every night. There is also 9 spoons, skydeck and Cioccolata Churros Cafe at the Bayleaf Hotel premises. Ilustrado and Binalot are other food options.

9.)  The Bayleaf Hotel in Intramuros is also a commendable hotel for it provides its guests good service in an affordable price. I checked-in for a night and I can say that their crew was really passionately serving their guests. They catered my requests well. The hotel itself has great architecture. It is new and the rooms are spacious and clean. I got a room with a great view of Intramuros.


Written by Tammy Sulit

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