Monte Cielo Resort in Lake Sebu, South Cotabato

Monte Cielo Resort in Lake Sebu, South Cotabato

Although this resort so near from the lake, it offers a spectacular view to visitors because it is situated at an elevated area. Visitors can see in full view the wonders of both the beauty of Lake Sebu and the mountain ranges around it.


Monte Cielo (10)

Bali-like view at Monte Cielo

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Close Cottage

The resort is very ideal for vacation goers who wish to take a more secluded and serene getaway when visiting Lake Sebu. Because it does not accept walk-in visitors, there are not so many people in the place. The accommodation is also very affordable and it can also cater to big groups. Hot showers are also available in the resort so there is no need to worry about cold, morning showers.

Monte Cielo (7)

Monte Cielo (2)

The chance of bumping with other customers of the resort is relatively low as foods are served directly to rooms since it does not have an open restaurant where everyone can convene.


Lake Sebu from Monte Cielo


If you have a choosy palate, there is no need to worry about getting disappointed with the kind of food that Monte Cielo Resort offers. Similar to other resorts in Lake Sebu, the resort has its own roster of tilapia delicacies and appetizing dishes. However, aside from the superb food, what makes the whole eating experience very special in this resort is the personal touch that the resort offers when preparing and presenting the food. They also offer authentic Ilonggo delicacies that you will not find anywhere in Lake Sebu.

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