Mt. Pulag Travel Guide(Ambangeg Trail) – The Easiest Way to Reach Mt. Pulag

One of the most sought after activities by tourists and locals alike when visiting Northern Luzon is to go on trekking its highest mountain – Mount Pulag.

Sunrise at Mt. Pulag

Sunrise at Mt. Pulag

About Mount Pulag

Mount Pulag is listed as the third highest mountain in the Philippines with an elevation of 2,922 m above sea level. The prevailing climate within the mountain is rainy with the month of August as its wettest month. With its high elevation and richness in biodiversity, the mountain is a home to 528 plant species and the natural habitat of the Dwarf Bamboo and Benguet Pine. Together living with the plant species is the native wildlife that includes 33 species of birds, nearly extinct Cloud Rat species and many more.

There are four major trails up the peak, namely Ambangeg, Akiki, Tawangan trails from Benguet and Ambaguio trail from Nueva Vizcaya.

Me at the top

Me at Mt. Pulag

Travel Guide

Trekking on the mighty trails of Mt. Pulag will give you the experience of seeing the wonders of nature you’d rarely see such as the endemic species thriving within the mountain. The Ambangeg Trail, one of the four trails towards the summit, is the easiest track and is highly recommended especially if you are a beginner. After hurdling over the paths, you’ll see unfolding before your eyes the phenomenal sea of clouds – a picturesque scene Mount Pulag is widely known for.

Briefing at DENR Visitor’s Center

Book for a Trekking Activity

There are quite a number of groups that offer packages for Mount Pulag Trekking. A group that offers one of the cheapest packages is Pagna’t Saka. Included in the package they offer are: transportation from and to Baguio City, Registration Fees, Environmental Fees, Camp Fees, Environmental Preservation Fees, Food (Lunch for Day 1 and 2), Local Guides, Certified Team Leaders and Bonus Side Tours for two major tourist spots. All these inclusions are for a minimum fee of Php1,800/pax(Please contact them for updated price).

Along the Trail

Along the Trail

Sample Itinerary

Day 1

5:00AM – Depart from Baguio City

10:00AM – Arrival at Visitor’s Center. Registration and Orientation

11:30AM – Departure from the Center bound for Ranger Station

12:30AM – Arrival and Lunch at Ranger

01:00 PM – Start Trek

02:30 PM – Arrival at Camp 1

04:00 PM – Arrival at Camp 2. Setting up of Camp; Summit Assault (Option)

06:00 PM – Dinner at Campsite’ Socials

Day 2

04:30AM – Start of Trekking to Summit for Sunrise

05:45AM – Arrival at the Summit, a perfect time for sunrise

07:00AM – Start descending from summit

08:00AM – Arrival at Camp 2 and Breakfast

09:00AM – Start descent back to Ranger Station

11:30AM – Arrival at Ranger, Pay for the Guide fees, trip back to Visitor’s Center

12:30NN – Arrival at Visitor’s Center; Log Out

02:00PM – Trip back to Baguio City

05:00PM – Arrival in Baguio City

Farm Along the Trail

Farm Along the Trail

What to Bring

  • Be sure to wear at least three layers of clothes. The temperature there is very cold.
  • Aside from the layers of clothes bring as well fleece jacket appropriate for temperatures 2-10 degrees Celsius.
  • Since Mount Pulag has an unpredictable weather, protect yourself with raincoat.


  • Wear a bottom that is waterproof if possible and good at maintaining a warm temperature.
  • Tested trekking shoes, gloves and bonnet or head gear.
  • Do bring as well a sleeping bag, a plastic bags, flashlight/headlamp.
  • Personal meds, first aid kit, tissue paper, water bottles and camera.
Camp Site 2

Camp Site 2

Reminders and Tips

  • It is imperative for climbers of Mt. Pulag to register and undergo briefing with DENR. Usually, the briefing will take around 15 minutes and will require you to pay Php 300.00 after the registration.
  • The Mount Pulag National Park is the agency responsible in the trekking activity in the mountain. The agency only allows 150 people to reach the peak. If the number of people reaches its maximum, others are advised to wait for their turn or you may opt to go for other trails of Mount Pulag. For beginners, the easiest trail to walk towards the peak is the Amabangeg Trail.
  • At the ranger station, there are porters waiting for you and your group there wherein you pay for Php250 per day or Php500 for two days.
Patiently Waiting for Sunrise at the Summit

Patiently Waiting for Sunrise at the Summit

Here’s an insider tips

  • You should rent for a 4×4 jeep especially during unfavorable conditions.
  • You can also ask for the locals to have them cook for your lunch so when you descend back, your food is ready to eat.


4x4 Jeep

4×4 Jeep

Locals Playing Volleyball

Locals Playing Volleyball

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on Mar 02, 2013

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  • Gracey

    hi!pls help us to experience to climbed mt pulag..we are first timer..but 2 of us experience already the cold temp in hk..pls mssg me as soon as possible..bcoz we are planning to go there next month..

  • Lara


    Me and my friends are planning to climb mt.pulag and I want to know how difficult to climb it is since im just a beginner? (ung naakyat ko palang bundok was mt.marami)

    Thank you,


  • John Gonzales

    Hi There,
    Im planning to climb Mt Pulag this Holy week, unfortunately most of my friends are not available, can i butt in kung meron pu sanang aakyat ngaung holy week? i used to climb solo kaso in this case numbers defies cost,,
    John Gonzales

  • Joe Sumulong

    Sorry, the poor YABAG guides where on top of Kanlaon and out of reach either by e-mail or cell phone for 2 days (They told me 2 days later.). They got in touch with me 2 days later.
    Sorry guys!! I’m 78 years old and have experienced and heard of so many negatives that I react right away at its first sign.
    Anyway, we made it to the top of Mt. Pulag. Thanks
    YABAG.(Remember, I did not slow you down in this trek and I never needed special attention, although I could feel you were all expecting it.)
    I know I lied to you about my age. But the first I
    applied to turned me down when she learned of my age. (In spite of the fact that I have been with her and did not slow down her Mt. Pinatubo Trek.)

  • Joe Sumulong

    Are there internet scammers for the Mt. Pulag Trek?
    I was supposed to go with Yabag Adventures c/o I made a deposit of P3,600
    for 2 people and he signed me up for Feb.8/9 Trek.
    Since yesterday, Feb. 3, 2014 I have lost contact
    from them. Not answering the phone and the emails.

  • henry parcon

    Hi good am i just want to ask if you have schedule climb this coming november 8-9 at mt. pulag, please send mi an IT. my contact no. 09228364428/09228532833

  • Matt PI

    Do you have a group going there soon, me and a cousin wants to go. We’re from Baguio and its a shame.

  • Any inquiries about Pagna’t Saka’s Events please do check our Facebook Page “” for any updates and inquiries. Andour website is currently under construction “ call and text us here +639129529546


    While is true that our group also profit from our events, WE DO NOT PRIORITIZE THE MONEY WE GET FROM IT. Nor we set aside the safety of our guests. All members of the group are employed – they have their own jobs. The money we get from events would not be sufficient for even a month of budget since most of us have families to support. The point is: this is our hobby, our interest; some of us are surfers, hikers and even martial arts practitioners and just plain adventure seekers. We even have pursued an event with only seven guests, thus having no profit.

    Before an event (hiking, caving etc.), we give our guests our very own briefing on what they should do and not do. We reiterate the aspect of “RESPECTING NATURE” .We give each and every member additional duties aside from being team leaders, guides, medic, or sweeper. We are also assigned to be the ones who are in charge of checking (food and safety) and policing (noise, lights out, walking on the right trail etc.) our guests. We insure the safety of our guests by giving special attention and assistance to those who need any. We promote camaraderie and brotherhood among our guests setting aside religious or cultural beliefs and having socialization during the event. After the event: we make sure that we do not leave a mark but instead nature, the adventure leaves a mark on us. We part ways as friends, brothers and sisters.

    …And that our friends make us proud members of Pagna’t Saka. To all past guests thank you very much. Agbiyag tayu amin.

    Any inquiries about Pagna’t Saka’s Events please do check our Facebook Page “” for any updates and inquiries.

  • Amiebelle Dumangeng

    Hi! can you send me the contact# of PAGNA’T SAKA?..thanks

  • ED DivA

    gorgeous place to trek / climb. will do that 1 of these days. thx 4 D info.

    eD D, 03.16.13 / sat

  • Admin

    From Manila to Baguio is around Php400-Php700(if Deluxe Class bus).

    From Baguio to Kabayan, Benguet is around Php200 but I would suggest you contact Pagna’t Saka. They offer very affordable Mt. Pulag package if you have a group.

  • Jef pulido

    can you please send me quotation for the fare heading mt.pulag.

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