Nagarao Island Resort, Guimaras

Nagarao Island Resort, Guimaras

Nagarao Island is a small tropical island paradise with an area of about 100,000 square meters (10 hectares). It is surrounded by the Visayan Sea, with clean and placid waters.Located at the southern tip of Guimaras; surrounded with sandy beach and growing corals; has 20 cottages, a restaurant and a bar for cold drinks, a fresh water swimming pool. Offers island hopping tours, sailing, excursion, and snorkeling in neighboring islands.

The Island is close to the south western part of Guimaras, an island province near Iloilo City.

Nagarao Island has everything – beaches with fine white sand, coral reefs, natural marine life, trees, flowers, clusters of rainforest, birds and butterflies. As well as boating, there is native sailing. Island hopping is an alternative activity.

The accommodation on NAGARAO is special. Instead of the usual hotel room, you’ll find individual rustic cottages facing the sea, each of them nicely surrounded by trees and flowers. They all have modern facilities such as toilets and showers.

Food is rich in variety and as much as possible, fresh from the sea and local farms. The quality of the food is excellent and you can eat as much as you like.

A stroll around the island takes about half an hour. You can unwind in the unspoiled environment, getting the feeling that the island is yours.

Nagarao is one of the last paradise islands left on the planet and has been featured on both local and international TV.

Nagarao is a perfect place for fine arts. Artists and musicians from many countries have enjoyed the island, as well as those who wanted a quiet place for meditation and self finding.

Others just want to communicate intensely with nature. If you believe in the invisible world of spirits you could ask our staff to guide you to the enchanted trees. Under the shade of the majestic “Bobog” tree or in the close vicinity of the bizarre “Lunok” tree you might feel the presence of the “encantos” who according to Filipino traditions are the true owners of all the land.

A truly Filipino island with a romantic south sea setting. Accomodation in a resort island that is not comprised of the usual hotel rooms but rather attracts visitors with a few individual rustic cottages. But most important: you have a whole island only to yourself.

Getting there

Nagarao Island is located in Guimaras. However, our booking office is found in the nearby city of Iloilo. It can be reached easily within minutes either from Iloilo Airport or the downtown area.

Iloilo City itself is connected by several daily flights to Manila and vice versa. Flying time is about 50 minutes. Transfer time from Iloilo to Nagarao via cars/jeepney and boats is about 2 hours.

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