Patar Beach, Bolinao, Pangasinan

Situated at the northwestern tip of Pangasinan and Lingayen Gulf, the scenic town of Bolinao boasts of a number of pristine beaches regarded to be some of the bests in the province. An au fait traveler should have known by now that the towns in Patar beach tops the list of “must visit place in this part of the province. The white beach in Barangay Patar is a scenic spot ideal for tourism purposes.

Considered as a hidden treasure of Bolinao, Patar beach is a gem for the beach bums and the nature lovers as well. Though its sand may not be as pure white and refined as that of Boracay’s, its clear aquamarine waters and unspoiled surroundings are as inviting as any of the top beaches in the country. For travelers who constantly avoid crowded and over-developed beaches, the Patar beach of Bolinao is the best fit.

Patar Beach is surrounded by different hotels, it is not really easy to hunt for a good one because of the long travel, however, can help you search over 30 hotel reservation websites at the same time and locate the one that offers the best deal instantly! But to give you a hint of how to go there, well, Bolinao is a 3-4 hour drive from Dagupan.

But before your get to paradise, you’ll have to encounter first a rough road that is really worth around 30 minutes of your time. The tourism infrastructures are not yet well developed but there are several resorts near the white beach. There is an old lighthouse that stands on a hill near the beach which is the landmark of the place. Going farther from the shoreline are cliffs and picturesque rock-formations. Moreover, the locals are friendly and helpful to the tourists. Certainly an idyllic place for a vacation get-away.



  • Corporate Package – Php 2500 per person


  • White sand beach
  • Hotel room
  • Chapel
  • Swimming Pool
  • Garden

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on Jan 16, 2008

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  • Nicci

    good day!!
    please send me the room rates and entrance fee.. we are planning to go there after our graduation..

  • Arlene

    I’ve been to Patar and I fell in love with the place. My friends and I went there June 2008 and had to go back July 2008, just a month after to satisfy the inner craving we had for the beach. It was lovely! during our first visit we checked in at Treasures of Bolinao Resort for 6 people at 8,000php. But the second visit was more economical. We rented a nipa hut that can house 10 peopel for only 2,500php per night, and it’s beachfront. Visit the place, you’ll love it!

  • Jack

    this place is lovely!! anybody who will visit ds place will give 2 thumbs up!..

  • Lani

    interested to visit patar please re: cheaper accomodation/who to contact for overnight stay with family/kids.


    • Liza

      can we bring food and cooked. how much for overnight stay. good for 25 person

  • Edward

    please send me the room rate i m interested with the patar beach thanks were planing this summer.

  • Jellai

    just checking…

  • Jhay


    i’m interested with the Patar beach, i would like to ask how long is it take if you’re from baguio?
    how much is the entrance fees and accommodation?
    thanks and hoping for your response.

  • Pam

    want to know the entrance fee and yung hotel na affordable

  • Pam

    just want to know how much is the entrance fee

  • Berns

    please send me a hotel rate for 2 person 2nights and 3 days and road map im from antipolo asap thanks

  • JOhn P. Enriquez

    I was not impressed when i set foot in Bolinao, it was a rainy, blackout night and I’m tired bec. i wass the lone driver. But the following morning when i reached Patar Beach, my discrimination changed from exultation. patar is one of the most beautiful beaches I’ve ever seen the powdery sand is very soft that you will sink everytime you stepped on it. Basically my place to go in Bolinao is Patar. I highly recommend it people are cordial and the children i missed their laughs…

  • Kenn

    can you please give me a road map going to your place. im from quezon city. we’ll be there on the 27th of december.

  • Kc

    i would like to know the details of this island,like how much per room?and how much per person?

    feel free to email

  • Mark

    Treasures of bolinao is truly treasure. WOW. We are very impressed with the well rounded service, clean accommodation and tranquil atmosphere of this beautiful resort. We have no hesitation to recommend especially to those tourist with high expectation. Not too sure if ideal for the budget tourist. They have also accommodation at lower tariff. Mark

  • Rose

    pls give me the contact number of patar beach so we can have a reservation, where palnning to go there this coming sat, sun and monday, 2n/3d…..pls asap……….

  • Sean

    You would really fall in love with Bolinao’s beaches. Food is very cheap, you just have to know where to buy. Before going to Patar Bolinao, I suggest that you stop by Alaminos Market and buy all the things you need including the food you want to eat and the boosts. Everything is fresh and cheap. Remember that you could always have those fresh food be cooked/ prepared by the locals for 200 Pesos only or you can cook it by yourself by bringing charcoal and grill. One good thing about Bolinao is that everyone is friendly and hospitable. You can setup your tent and go overnight w/ out the fear of getting into trouble. If your a camper/ boyscout then just bring your gadgets, Bolinao would definitely be the cheapest beach for you. There are a lot of small stores available for you to buy your basic needs.

  • CT

    Urgent: Who can tell me the cost of package tour for 1 day island hopping (Bolinao-Hundred Islands) for 7 persons on OCT 2 2008 including rental of pumpboat + life jacket + snorkel eqpt + BBQ lunch with buko or water + park entrance fee all cost inclusive.
    my email address is

  • Bevs

    Hi, please send me contact# and contact person to patar beach resort…my email

  • Bevs

    Hi, please send me contact# and contact person to patar beach resort…

  • Cel

    just to share some of d info ive gathered for our bolinao trip:

    upscale resorts:
    Treasures of bolinao
    Punta riviera

    (both have their own website so just google it)

    their currently off season so prices are cheaper than their published rates

    for huts/basic rooms in patar beach:

    09186671195 (3500 PhP for a hut for 10 pax, aircon’d; 1500 PhP for 5 pax; w/out aircon)

    some cottaged u can rent for the day on the beach cost at least 150 PhP

    another resort, though not upscale is villa soledad (2000 Php for aircon’d room for 4 pax)

    hope this helps


    hi can u send me a copy of rates and ctc# etc.. for patar beach resort..

  • Rodney

    I am looking into travelling to bolinao in late october 26 or so is there a local flight there from Manila or is the bus the only way heard it takes several hours to travel by bus.

    also is there a cheap place to stay bedroom and bathroom and meals for 2 people does not need to be at resort thanks take care and god bless

  • Racquel

    pls. email room rates overnight, cottages, how much?need asap

  • Shine

    any day for rent cottage in patar? im also from pangasinan…dont need to stay overnight…thanks/

  • Neth V. Harris

    mind to give me some info regarding the patar beach resort.i would like to know if we could stay there for a day or so.we are planning to visit philippines on Dec.of 2008 and would like to stay at your beach resort..i heard from many balikbayan that it is a very beautiful place to stay and the sights.also some info how to get there from dagupan city by public transportation… thanks a lot if you could give me a lot if looking forward to see the beautiful sights of Bolinao resort…..

  • Ariel

    i’m from bolinao.
    you can bring food you want at the beach.
    patar is a very good beach.come and visit our town

  • Eric

    I agree, mahal talaga ang treasures. But, man the place is really a paradise. We have friends commute by bus from Manila to Bolinao. They took a tricycle from bus station to Treasures. They were embarrased of their service because its first time to see a PORSCHE car parked in the resort. Marami snob dito. This place is not for simple people like us. A bottle of beer cost 50pesos haaaa. We stayed in big room with 6 of us and paid 7500pesos. There is a new three storey building near to the bathing beach and design look similar with Manila Hotel. We enquire how much it will cost to stay in this new unit, guess what its more expensive than we have paid. But in fairness, the place is beautiful, high standard, clean, around the clock security, service is ok just expensive.

  • gaylord

    anyone who would like to go to bolinao with a stranger this july? please send me a message…

    ive been there before, it was wonderful.

  • Bhing

    good morning.. please send me a room rate for good for 4 persons ( 2adults and 2kids) we want to spend our weekend in bolinao this coming june 28 nd 29. And your location from our lady of manaoag to you place…


  • Anthony

    Wow, Patar beach is a prestine. This is a true paradise its similar to a film “Cast Away” by tom hawk. We are impressed with the clean and siren atmosphere. The only hotel nearest to the beautiful Patar beach is Treasures of Bolinao. The cost of staying at Treaures is bit higher of that ordinary small hotel. I guess this place’s fascilities are adequate enough to cater the high end of tourist market. I can say, its beyond reach of low budget tourists. Its exclusive. How joyful we are at treaures and we will come back soon. Hope to see this place will be preserved. We do not wish to see a situation happened similar to Boracay and few places in Palawan where its too crowded and over capacity of low class tourists. This place is probably close to a level of Barbados type environment. It is a fishing village has been combined to a ultra exclusive beach resort with only very few botique luxury hotels. It complements the balance nature of environment and local livelihood.

  • Romie carillo

    I just got back from Bolinao, Pangasinan and there is no doubt I am going back there as soon as I can. I checked in at Treasures of Bolinao, facilities were good, they also have a pool if you’re no longer interested in the pristine beach. The only comment i have Treasures of Bolinao is that it is very expensive. Imaging paying Php 40.00 for a cup of rice plus tax, Php 46.00 for a cup of coffee plus tax and many more. I went to swim the next day, the beach right in from of Treasures is rocky so me and my friends walked a short distance to our left and really enjoyed the good sandy beach. Yes it is true you swim with the fish in the ocean, water is not very salty unlike Hundred Islands, the beach is so clean, unspoiled. An old lady named Aling Nelly is actually offering a huge nipa hut that could accomodate more than 20 persons for Php 2,000 (still negotiable) you could ask her to cook for your foods since she has a lot of native chicken in her backyard, and a stock of frozen foods in her ref plus the local vegetables. Or if you want, you could actually shop for food in bolinao market before you go to Patar and you could do your own cooking. She will lend you all utensils, you only pay for the charcoal One thing you should be careful is dealing with the tricycles, they charge exhorbitantly if they know you are a local tourist. Don’t be fooled, the fare from Bolinao to Patar should only be Php 150.00 per trip, not per head.

    • Anabelle rimando

      Hi salamat sa tips na binigay mo more tips pa po thanks

  • CT

    1. Where is the nearest bus terminal from
    Manila int’l airport having bus to Bolinao? Pasay? If yes,
    please advise the normal taxi fare from airport to bus
    terminal. What is the earliest possible time do you
    think we can get on bus to Bolinao after 12:00nn

    2. Please suggest the cheaper room for 7 persons in Bolinao / Alaminos / San Fernando / Laoag provided that the room is clean with private toilet hot shower air-con. Please state room rate.

    3. What is the cost for hiring a pumpboat per day for 7 persons to Hundred Island including life vest and snorkeling eqpt?

    4. Is it possible to hire a pumpboat at Bolinao for island
    hopping and finish the sea trip at Alaminos, That
    means we will bring all baggage with us.

    5. Please let me know the bus schedule and bus fare for the below:
    a. Alaminos or Bolinao to San Fernando
    b. San Fernando to Vigan
    c. Vigan to Laoag

    Looking forward to hearing from you real soon.

  • Jen Reyes

    Good day!
    This is Jen of Cruise & Learn Management Inc. We organize company outing, seminar, team building and even summer vacation of barkadas.
    -Beaches (Batangas, Pangasinan, Bataan)
    -Hotel (Baguio)
    -Bus, Van
    If you’re interested, you can text me at 0926-6840204 or 0923-4016180. Pls text me the ff info:
    # of pax:
    Date of Tour:
    pls include also if you want me to indicate meals in the quotation.

    God Bless!

    Jen Reyes
    Cruise & Learn Mgt., Inc

  • Gelay

    hi! can u give me the contact #s of patar white beach who i can talk? thank you very much. my e-mail ad is tnx! god bless…

  • Ana

    Hi! is there any public beaches in patar or we nid 2 hve a resèrvation if we wnt 2 visit d place. Wer bout 2 go there on may 3-4. Hve any idea bout d price of d cottage, plz snd me…Plz…Plz thnx. Cöntck # 09216454914 thnx n advance. Wer runing out of tym

  • Jovey

    hi! pa send naman po ng contact number ng pedeng mapangtanungan ng rates for patar white beach.

  • Ivan

    hi please send naman phone #s or cell #s of affordable hotels in the area …my number is 0926-612-8405 would greatly appreciate it thanks 🙂

  • Thet

    Hi! is there any public beaches in patar or we nid 2 hve a resèrvation if we wnt 2 visit d place. Wer bout 2 go there dis cming saturday til sunday. Hve any idea bout d price of d cottage, plz snd me…Plz…Plz thnx. Cöntck # 09065747618 thnx n advance. Wer runing out of tym.

  • Mimi

    Hi. Could anyone send me the rates and contact numbers for cheap resorts in Patar? Thanks!

  • Louise

    i would also like to ask for contact numbers of patar white beach. my email is: thanks in advance!

  • Jani

    please send me the contact details for Patar White Beach.. Thank you very much!

    Cel: 09064978350

  • Ice


    May I also request for contact number of patar beach… thanks a lot

  • Diana Legarda

    Could we go to patar without carrying any food with us? I mean, are there stores where you could buy food anytime you want?

  • jade isla

    may i request for a contact no. of patar beach tnx

  • Jacky

    gud day! May I request for any contact person with their numbers whom I could keep in touch about the details of Patar Beach. Thanks

  • Vanny

    ….its one of the best island ive been, i love everything about the place!!…… the whitest sand, the cold blue water, the big waves, the little nice nipa cottages… just everything about the place,… oh my.. i feel inlove with this island!! il be there on march 31 to celebrate summer!! …cant wait!

  • Tupac shakur

    patar beach is one of the best in the philippines.i’ve been there many times.i like the sand and the waves that reach till the shore.also the wind is very good.the road going there is developed now.i also like the fishes that we bought directly from the fishermen fresh from the sea..

    may be we’ll be back this march..

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