Peppers Iberica: A new MUST-TRY Restaurant in Davao City

Davao has a growing food culture here in Mindanao. New restaurants pop up every now and then to satisfy the cravings of locals in town. One restaurant that got our interest is Peppers Iberica owned by Chiqui Aportadera and we are fortunate enough and got invited to be part of their menu tasting along with other food bloggers and media friends in the city.

As Filipinos, nothing compares Filipino foods. It just hits the spot and takes us back to a certain point in our lives reminding us who we were and where we ate a specific Filipino dish. Peppers Iberica is no different from all other Filipino restaurants. But their dishes have been passed on from generations.


One of the signature dishes offered is the Iberian chicken. This is their house specialty. No need to ask for a knife to cut the whole chicken into pieces. It is soft, tasty and full of herbs and spices bathing in olive oil. The chicken comes out from the oven so be sure to call-in 2 hours before you dine in.[divider]

peppers-iberica-1655This Rellenong Bangus is probably the best I’ve tasted in town. It is wrapped in banana leaf stuffed with minced vegetables and spices. You won’t be disappointed with what you paid for because the milkfish is really stuffed with goodness.[divider]


Seafoods Paella, a foreign dish, may come off intimidating because most paella are either overpriced or under-flavored. But, the Paella at Peppers Iberica is just spot on. The flavor isn’t overpowering but very rich because of the spices used and it complements.

Peppers Iberica Restaurant is located at Door 9 Asaje IV, Dimdi Bldg.,Mabini Street, Davao City fronting Badminton World. And you can call them at: 0922 391 2364 for reservations and advance order.

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