Philippine Tarsier – Know Them More

Philippine Tarsier – Know Them More

tarsierTarsius syrichta or more popularly known as the Philippine Tarsier is one of the tourist destinations when you visit Bohol. However, did you know that Philippine Tarsiers are not only locally found in Bohol? These tiny primates are also found in Samar, Leyte and in Mindanao. As you already know, Tarsiers is considered as one of the world’s tiniest primates. But there are also other things that you ought to know more about them. Here are some interesting facts about Philippine Tarsiers:

  • Tarsiers are carried by their mothers in their womb for six months.
  • Whenever the mother Tarsier has to go somewhere else, they carry their babies jumping from one tree to another through their teeth.
  • Mother Tarsiers groom their child through the use of their padded tiny hands with claws and flat nails.
  • When a baby Tarsier is six days older, it already has the ability to turn its head 180 degrees around their body.
  • A full grown Philippine tarsier measures between 8.5 and 16 centimeters. If you are guessing how small is that, well that is just about the size of a five – year old’s hand.
  • Tarsier’s body weight ranges from 80 to 165 grams.
  • Their fur’s color is brown, while others can have gray or reddish-brown hues.
  • You know what makes Tarsiers unique? It’s not really their size that makes them stand out from the crowd. It’s actually because of their big eyes. They have the biggest eyes as compared to other mammals in the world in proportion to their body. Try to at least observe their eyes for about five minutes and you’ll see that they have fixed eyes. That is why they turn their heads 180 degrees because their eyes won’t do it for them.
  • Tarsiers are not fond in walking. They love to jump from one tree to another. And they can jump as far as six meters through their tiny padded limbs.
  • They feed on insects. As you already know they are nocturnal primates and that they are one of the best nocturnal hunters – thanks to their extremely sensitive hearing.
  • Because of their hearing ability, they are sensitive to noises. This makes them very stressed and whenever they feel stressed, they have the tendency to hurt their selves.
  • Years back, people used to have them as pets. However, there has been an increased awareness about their threatened existence that is why people are promulgating efforts to protect them from being extinct.

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    wonderful looking animal very small lookes cute and friendly

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