Pulchra Resort, San Fernando, Cebu

Pulchra Resort, San Fernando, Cebu

Pulchra gets is name from the Latin word “beautiful” — and beautiful it certainly is. After an hour and a half trip in the monotonous road along Cebu suburbs, you reach a beautiful, peaceful garden filled witht eh songs of birds.

The reception area is a big and elegant, with a high nipa and wood ceiling, white marble floors and very attractive armchairs made of plaited wicker. You are welcomed politely and efficiently. The are seems deserted, though occupied by a discreet Japanese clientele. The resort has joint Filipino and Japanese ownership and was designed by the Filipino architect Joe Canizares.

The large swimming pool begins right outside the reception hall then lazily meanders up to Ventus, the main restaurant which it encircles. You can swim and then have a drink without leaving the pool — there is a bar on the edge of the water. The main restaurant opens onto the beach, which is unfortunately is made of gravel and not very pleasant to walk on. A much smaller restaurant, the Opus, is reserved for more intimate dinners. Another bar, the Luna Bar, recreates an atmosphere of outer space with its interior in shining pebbles — black on the floor, gray on the walls and blue on the ceiling — illuminated with hundreds of little lights. It is the only place where you will find a television set, as the primary aim of Pulchra is to maintain peace and quietness.

The Lagoon Suite Rooms face another swimming pool. The interiors are extremely elegant with white marble floors, beige sofas and attractive modern furniture. The rooms have adjoining terraces.

The Garden Side Villas and the Family Villas are cleverly concealed in individual gardens. These are big and have even the luxury of a private swimming pool. The Family Villas with two bedrooms each, have no doors to separate the rooms, yet privacy is maintained. The rooms are slightly lower on either side of the living room and each has its own bathroom and a large terrace looking onto the swimming pool but a private jacuzzi and a massage kiosk as well.

Special mention must be made of the bathrooms: completely circular in the Garden Villas, almost maze-like in the Family Villas with showers and toilets found in nooks and corners. The bathtub, on the other hand, is in a lush, outdoor patio.

Apart from the high rates, the flaw of Pulchra is its setting in an unattractive urban environment with an artificial gravel beach. But spending a weekend in Pulchra is a bit like living inside a lovely picture of an interior decorating magazines.

How to get there

By air and land, 75-minute daily flights on Air Philippines Cebu Pacific, Asian Spirit or PAL from Manila to Cebu. 1.5 hours by car from Cebu Mactan Airport to the resort.


ROOM RATES                          RACK RATE                 Web Special Rate
Lagoon Suite                          $350.00                     $300.00
Pool Lagoon Suite                 $450.00                     $375.00
Pool Garden Villa                  $680.00                     $560.00
Seafront Jacuzzi Villa           $780.00                    $650.00
Two-Bedroom Pool Villa   $900.00                     $760.00
Extra Person                          $110.00                     $90.00

  • Tai chi (1hr)            Php 380.00 (per person)
  • Yoga Hatha (1hr)   Php 380.00 (per person)
  • Yoga Slimmers       Php 380.00 (per person)

Amenities & Services:

  • Undina SPA
  • Diving
  •  taiken diving and snorkeling
  • Tai chi
  • Yoga Hatha
  • Yoga Slimmers
  • Gym Machine

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    how much is ur entrance fee? and cottage? i would like to treat my family to a day tour trip only in your resort

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