Rebucas Limestone Highland Resort, Nabunturan

Rebucas Limestone Highland Resort, Nabunturan

Another resort in Nabunturan that is famous for its refreshing pool is the Rebucas Limestone Highland resort. People of all ages would really enjoy their stay in this place especially with the flowing cold spring water. Since it is situated in Compostela Valley, it is assured to give you the best avenue to commune with nature considering the province is known to have one of the richest ecology. Thus, if you are planning to get away from your everyday busy work routine, then the Rebucas Limestone Highland resort is definitely the place you are looking for. Its majestic pool is guaranteed to help relax the most tired soul and is spacious for long swims. In terms of accommodation, it is ideal for weekend trips with family and friends and more formal company gatherings. Thus, on your next vacation, make sure that you book your stay in this resort and surely you will experience one of the best trips of your life.



  • Entrance                                          20.00 Php
  • Cottages                                            75.00 Php
  • Rooms (for two)                              650 .00Php
  • Rooms (for Five)                             1,500.00 Php
  • massage and spa                            150.00 – 400.00 Php



  • cold spring water pool
  • Massage & SPA
  • Cottages

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