Rosegold Beach Resort, Calatagan, Batangas

Rosegold Beach Resort, Calatagan, Batangas

Facing the South China Sea near Cape Santiago and Palo Bandera Pt., where inter-island and ocean-going vessels pass through, are the white sand beaches of Calatagan, Batangas. Here lies Rosegold Beach Resort and Hotel, home to one of the few overwater aircon cottages in Luzon group of islands, Philippines.

Rose Gold´s unique feature is the overwater airconditioned cottages, accessible from the shoreline by a bridge made of wooden planks. These can house up to a maximum of 15 to 20 guests each, accessorized with hot and cold shower, its own living room, a kitchenette and a private veranda where one can have a spectacular view of the aquamarine floor.

Each cottage has its own sofa bed in the living area where one can open the sliding doors and capture the relaxing breeze from the sea. The kitchenette is equipped with its own personal refrigerator with mini-bar supplies. Dining table and room service is also provided if you fancy eating inside without having to go to the restaurant.

The private veranda is the another place to hang out and enjoy your private time alone or with your loved one. You can either watch the sunset, observe the marine life below the cottages, or go down the water through the wooden stairs provided for each cottage.

The rustic town of Calatagan, Batangas is relatively dry except during the rainy months of June to October. Some of its barangays have areas abound with mangroves and full of marine life and some even have initiated projects to protect marine life by making artificial coral reefs.

The Beach Area 1 is a long beach area stretching from the right of the Beach House all the way to the old Pump House located around 300 meters away. Here is the main area for any sportsfest set-up you may require for your group activity. By experience, it can accomodate a maximum seating capacity of 4,000 for a daytour group inclusive of all the tents for additional shade, chairs, tables and all the buffet tables/food distribution area it requires. The swimming area is a large area which is about 300 meters wide and 200 meters long(length being the distance from the shoreline to the deep part of the bay). Safety for kids is not a problem since the swimming area is only waist-deep at high tide(2ft – 3.5 ft.) and is closely monitored by a lifeguard.

Beach Area 2 is an area on the left side before reaching the pool area. It is accessible through a concrete staircase going down and its beachfront area is partly covered by a massive tree. There is an area where there are large trees and two of which have tree houses. Below those 2 tree houses are concrete picnic chairs and tables arranged in a circular manner. What´s good about this area is that it is secluded from the rest of the resort and can be a place for exclusive group activities. Groups can also have various activities like beach volleyball, obstacle courses, teambuilding, rope courses setup, orienteering, etc.

The best way to enjoy your stay at a beach resort is definitely watersports. Here at Rosegold, kids and adults have a variety of activities to choose from. With prior notice, jetskis, a speedboat and scuba diving facilities are available for your group. The speedboat can be enjoyed several ways. You can ride it by group and speed your way near the big ships passing by, ride on the towable balloon, a towable banana boat or a wakeboard and waterski for the more daring. Snorkels are also available for kids and adults alike at the frontdesk for rent at affordable costs. Marine life around the vicinity of the resort is abundant and can be enjoyed more if you snorkel around the resort. For those who cannot stand up to the action, a fishing trip can be arranged for you near the floating cottages at night.

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