Sangat Island Reserve, Coron Bay, Palawan

Sangat Island Reserve, Coron Bay, Palawan

This idyllic little resort is nestled in a spectacular site on Sangat Island off the south coast of Busuanga, just 45 minutes by banca from Coron Village.

The resort’s site has tall limestone cliffs encircling a small cove of golden sand, lined with coral reefs. The owners, Englishman Andy Pownall and his Filipina wife Edith, designed the resort so as to minimize its impact on the island’s environment. The are has been declared a natural reserve. This makes it a pleasant and tranquil place with a casual atmosphere.

In Sangat, there is no telephone, air-conditioning or hot water. You go there for its magical beauty — not for luxurious accommodation.

Eight bungalows made of bamboo and cogon grass are scattered at the foot of the cliff along a flowered path, some of them directly on the beach; the others just behind. Each bungalow is different, the most beautiful being the last one near the cliff. They are secluded spacious, bright and airy, thanks to large windows and doorways. A big bamboo bungalow, largely open toward the ocean lies in the center of the resort. It houses the reception area, a bar with a lounged and a restaurant.

The beach is narrow but nice, and you can swim, snorkel or canoe in the sheltered lagoon just in front of the resort. Do not miss going along the coastline by canoe to discover secret coves. The resort also organizes longer hikes to neighboring islands.

Behind the resort is a hily path (a 30-minute walk) that leads to a small rainforest. Sangat is rich in wildlife: tropical birds, monkeys and impressive monitor lizards hunting food at the back of the kitchen.

The resort has a dive center and is an ideal base for diving the wrecks of the Japanese fleet that found refuge in Busuanga during Second World War. There are 14 magnificent shipwrecks covered with corals and colonized by fishes. Detailed descriptions of the different shipwrecks are available in the resort’s website. Six of these shipwrecks are only 10 minutes away from the resort.

From Sangat, you can easily visit Coron Island just an hour away by resort banca.

How to get there

By air, land and sea, 65-minute flight on Seair or Asian Spirit; or 9o-minute flight on Pacific Air from Manila to Busuanga. All airlines have daily flights. 45 minutes by van from Busuanga Airport to Coron town. A shuttle van awaits passengers and takes them to Bayside Divers Lodge in Coron. Time of departure from Busuanga airport depends on flight schedules. 45 minutes by banca from Bayside Divers Lodge to the resort.

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