Top 16 Must-visit Travel Destinations in Bicol Region

When you get that itch on your feet to go frolicking in the sand and dipping away the hot sting of the summer heat, the Bicol region is the perfect place for you as it offers not one or five but 17 perfect summer getaways to fill up a month’s travel.

Calaguas Island in Camarines Norte

Calaguas (3)

Photo by Gay General

This place boasts of two main tourist must-haves in their vacation – long stretch of white sand of Mahabang Buhangin and pristine blue waters of the Pacific, both of which are ideal for relaxation. Since it is less frequented and less commercialized as opposed to more crowded beaches, the island is a perfect getaway for seclusion away from the busy hustle and bustle of city life.

Caramoan, Camarines Sur

3 Matukad Island, Caramoan Ben Flores

Matukad Island/ Photo by Brian Flores

4 Lahos Island, Caramaon , BEn Flores

Lahos Island / Photo Brian Flores

Caramoan brings into reality every person’s imagined beach paradise – deep blue waters teeming with marine ecosystem perfect for snorkeling and swimming and backdropped by lush green mountains. What makes the place more perfect? Finding not one but 10 perfect destinations in the island where you can equally enjoy this kind of beauty while getting unique, once in a lifetime vacation experience.

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Camarines Sur

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Calaguas, Camarines Norte

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Subic Beach in Matnog, Sorsogon

Subic Beach in Matnog (4)

Photo by Melvin Baroga

This beach gives “hidden treasure” the best face. As you travel from the port of Matnog and nearing Subic Beach, its beautiful pinkish sand will leave you awestruck. And the best part is that as you marvel at the diverse and almost untouched coral formation perfectly visible above water you will realize that the beach has more than its aesthetic beauty to offer.

Misibis Bay Resort in Cagraray Island, Albay

misibis Bay (4)

Misibis Bay Resort

Most people usually frown at developed and luxurious resorts. But before your bias gets the better of you and miss one of the best Bicol experiences you will ever get, make sure to include Misibis Bay Resort which has been able to perfectly marry both resort sophistication and nature preservation.

Halea National Park in Ticao Island, Masbate

Photo by Alan Velasco


True to its being a national park, Halea is haven to various sea species with its rich ecosystem. Because of the protection it gets, the area has maintained its beauty drawing tourists from all over the globe to experience its wonders. It is so wonderful that the locals themselves could not get enough of this place.

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  • Ben

    Sino po ang may alam na best tourist spot around albay and legazpi only po.. maraming salamat

  • Rosielyn neverio

    Paano pumunta sa calaguas island kapag commute lang?.
    And magkano ang boat balikan?

  • Philip santos

    guys i need help can you list down the top 10 destinations all around bikol pls??? i need that for my project.. a thesis

  • Raul Delmendo

    Why leave out the premier beach destination of Masbate Province? Palani Beach in Balud , Masbate is a vacation paradise. “Just go there” you will be amazed with the serenity of this Beach.

  • Christine

    I really enjoyed Caramoan!

  • Melvin toca

    misibis bay resort is d best place to unwind!!its a paradise within your reach!!!galing pook!

  • Gunburn

    You forgot to mention carol island in camarines norte.

  • Calaguas Island is the best white beach I have been to. Those pictures show the real beauty of the place. If you are so adventurous and want to experience the simplicity of island life….Calaguas is for you…added to the fact that you will only spend an ample amount of money for a priceless experience! =)

  • Issa

    My father is from Albay, Bicol. Such a shame that I’ve never been to his hometown. And I’ve never visited any of these beaches. Sigh.
    Someday. Someday. I’ll find a way.

  • Katja

    Been to halea in masbate. Sad to say i’m a bit disappointed. Not so accomodating staff, lack of fresh water supply, madumi yung beach. Not worth the long hours of travel.

  • Madj Gatdula

    Been to subic dako, very clean. They also offer side trip to the fish sanctuary. Ask the bangkero if they could give you a side trip.
    We went there september 2014

  • Cherie V. Asuncion

    hi Trish, Caramoan is closer to Misibis than Calaguas. For land tours/packages/transfers, you may call or text us at +63 928 450 8200 or +63 926 816 8980. We’d be more than happy to assist you 🙂

    • Rox

      “Misibis bay is cery expensive. Can you recommend more affordable hotels please?

  • Lester

    ilove subic matnog, paguriran island, hoping to visit more of this beautiful destinations

  • Ms.Jorj

    Can we fit all sorsogon beaches in one visit say 5 days by car coming from legazpi?

  • Joanna

    Yes.. traveling alone in this places is safe. Especially for the foreigners. Happy travel guys. Enjoy Bicol!

  • Randy

    How do i go to Halea National Park from Manila? Are there places there where i can stay overnight? Thanks much! 🙂

    • Keillitravelista

      Hi sir! You can take a plane Manila to Masbate airport or Manila-Legazpi then Legazpi to pilar sorsgon then pilar to Masbate port then you can visit the DOT of Masbate for a tour assistance po and yes Pwede po mag overight sa Halea.

  • elmer s. dioso

    U cn reach me on this no. 09156855037 if u hav some question regarding this place, ty!

  • Maria molar

    . Beautiful !!
    Thank u


    calaguas and caramoan islands both were nice places..away from hustle and bustle life

  • Mak

    I’ve been in misibis..pretty cool and awesome..

  • Mara Bataller

    Would like to receive blogs from your site…love this bicol page!I am a pure blooded bicolana and sad that i have never visited any of those places yet…but I promise to myself I will do my best to be able to visit these places in my beautiful bicol! thank you….

  • Joey Villareal

    I want also to share beautiful beaches in Catanduanes. How can share this?

  • Filipina Mendoza

    please include in your list Tinalisayan Islet, Burias Island,San Pascual , Masbate see my blog:

    Burias: Tinalisayan Islet and Sandbar

  • Trish

    Also, from misibis bay what do you suggest we can visit(aside from land tours) which is near is it calagua ls or caramoan? Thanks!

  • Trish

    Hi i will visit misibis bay this q3 2015, from there how long is the travel time going to calaguas? Thanks i will appreciate your feedback please email me. Thanks!

  • Medi

    Is it at all safe to go and let alone stay in these places (especially for foreigners)????

  • Adona Villamor

    Been to Calaguas, awesome!

  • Reyboy

    Halea located at the town of Monreal, Masbate. Ticao Island, Province of Masbate.


    Please visit also Twin Rock Beach, I’m from Igang and assure that it is one of the best.

  • Mark philip

    I have tried both lahos and matukad islands in caramoan (in one trip) and they are absolutely fantastic! To be honest, that was the very first time i had experienced going out of the hustle and bustle of city life and now i realize it really is worth every penny. We went there just last week and for three days we were only able to spend a little more than three thousand pesos per person.

  • Mel azul

    Or if u want magdala kayo tent para mas makatipid. Dont forget to bring snorkels. Mageenjoy kau dun sobrang linis pa ng dagat. U can check my photos @ my fb account. Rommel Azul. Yung albums na subic matnog and yung bicol adventure. Enjoy!

  • Mel azul

    The last time i visited subic, we rented a cottage that is good for 15 persons for 4,500.00. Me mga ibang cottages din dun for smaller groups. Me mga toilet and bath na sa loob ng cottages with air con na din. Walang bed pero me mga foams sila na makakapal kaya comportable ka na rin. Madami na dun cotages. Nagrarange from 500.00 and up depende cguro sa season. November last year last ko na punta.

  • Kalayo Gallardo

    I hope you enjoy the beach as much (or even more than) we have.

  • Kalayo Gallardo

    Hi, Christine Yong! You may go to Subic Beach in Matnog however small or large yourl group is, you may even go there solo. To get there, you need to go to Matnog Port in Matnog, Sorsogon; you can ride a UV Express at the Legazpi City Integrated Terminal to get there. Then in the port, find a boat that will get you to and fetch you from Subuc Beach. The Boat ride costs 1200-1500 (roundtrip) for the entire group already. The boat, I guess, can accommodate upto 12pax. In Subic Beach, I don’t know the prices of the accommodation and the food, since the last time I went there, everything was still free–the locals even cooked ‘ginataang pugita’ for us.

  • Christine Yong

    I’m interested in matnog sorsogon.

    When is your schedule, how much is their fee, and how many is the minimum guest,-is it OK if we are only two or tthree guests you may join us in other groups.

    • Monette u. escultura

      Yes you can contact our tourism officer ms olive gumba in this no 09285205362 for the details in reaching subic beach.

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