Top 20 Activities / Things to-do in Boracay

There is no doubt that the Philippines is blessed with beautiful tourist destinations. With 7,107 islands, Philippines has more than thousand destinations to choose from. Among those blessed with authenticity and good-looking sceneries is the Boracay Island. World renowned for its clear blue waters with powdery white sandy shores, this island is one of the top most visited destinations in the country.

When you visit Boracay, never miss to perform the different activities offered by the island. Here is a listing of the top 20 activities you might actually do while in Boracay tour.

FlyFish Ride

Flyfish is an inflatable raft, carrying 2-5 persons (two lying on their back and one sitting on the center), holding on to a string handle while the raft is pulled by a speedboat. The same feeling when you are riding with banana boat but the difference is the speed.

Sunset at the BeachBoracay Activities9

Sunsets are reminders that God has given us another day to live our lives. There’s no other place you could probably see the sun setting down, than Boracay. A picturesque event one shouldn’t miss.


Seafoods in Boracay

Boracay isn’t just about fun and activities, it’s also about SEAFOODS. Enjoy a sumptuous meal with fresh seafoods such as lobsters, prawns and fishes. Ooohh! Delicious, isn’t it?

Henna Tattoo

Boracay Activities

One of the most common proofs that you’ve been to Boracay is that you have your own Henna Tattoo. Tatoo artists are just around the corner in Boracay bringing their own folios. They have designs to choose from but you can have them modified if you want. The Henna tattoos will last for weeks but it’ll depend on how frequent you wash them. You can also opt to have your own permanent tattoo. . Don’t worry about the needles; they are using the disposable ones.


Boracay Activities3

Aside from Henna Tattoos, Braids are also the most common evidence that you had visited Boracay. The skilful hands of the hair braiders in Boracay wouldn’t have any problem whether you have a long hair or short hair. They can make use of the strands you have in your hair!

 Helmet Diving

Helmet Diving

Experience to be one with the sea creatures. Never miss to try feeding fishes and walking underwater with your helmet. It’ll cost you at around P500.00. You can also take have your pictures taken as well.

Island Hopping

Island Hopping in Boracay

Philippines is made up of 7,107 islands, and it shouldn’t bother our thoughts why one should go for island hopping. Boracay alone is a island and there are pretty much more islands nearby you want to go for a cruise and explore. Bangkas are usually the means of transportation will you’re on tour, which means there is more opportunity for you to really sightsee the ocean yourself.


 Cliff Jumping at Ariel’s Point

For a fee of P1,400.00, you get the chance to experience Cliff Jumping, swimming, buffet with drinks, snorkelling. It is a half-day activity so you wouldn’t have to regret spending this much.

Scuba Diving

Diving in Boracay

Who wouldn’t want to see sea creatures up close? If you are into scuba diving, Boracay sure has everything to offer. Explore the island’s reefs and walls, you’re sure of an experience that is worth more tries.

Kite Boarding

An extreme activity like this would definitely need the best place where winds can be as strong yet gentle. During the months of December to February, winds are friendly to windsurfers and kitesurfers.

ATV Ride

Boracay Activities13

All terrain vehicles (ATV) is also a must to do in your visit to Boracay. With a fee of P600.00, you get to drive the ATV for 2 hours at most. The fee also includes entrances to the Aviary and Ocean Tower. There will be a briefing prior to your use of the ATV to acquaint you of how to operate the Buggy or ATV.

Jet skiing

Jet Skiing in Boracay

Of all water activities in Boracay, Jet skiing shouldn’t be missed. With a fee of P1,000.00 you will be able to do jet skiing for 15 minutes. Worth the price, right?

SwimmingBoracay Activities17

Boracay is not only known to the world because of its powdery white sand, but it is world renowned for the beach itself. You wouldn’t want to spend money travelling all the way to Boracay just to see the beach; I know you wouldn’t want to miss splurging yourself in this turquoise colored rich aquatic.

Paraw Sailing

Paraw Sailing

An activity where you can chill and relax while enjoying the blue waters of Boracay. It is best that you rent your paraw sailing during sunset so you can enjoy the sunset fully.


Party Hopping at Night

Party Hopping Boracay

Partying at Boracay during the night is probably the best. From atmosphere, to the music down to the drinks, it’s a sure guarantee that Boracay would give you the best party ever.

Banana Boat Ride

Banana Boat Ride

Share the fun with your friends as you balance yourselves in this boat ride. P200.00 per person is all that you have to pay to get to enjoy this fun ride.
Tornado Jet Boat. Just like the banana boat ride, you get to share the fun with your friends plus the adrenaline rush as this jet boat will turn you around 360 degrees. Super fun, right?

Sand Castle Photo

Sand Castle

One of the proof that you have been to Boracay is your photo with a sand castle. You can see couple of this sand castle along the white sand beach of Boracay.



Parasailing is one of the most expensive activities in Boracay. It will cost around Php1800 to Php 2500 for 15 minutes ride. This is a wonderful activity in Boracay for couples.

Spa and Massage at the Beach

Spa Massage at the Beach

What better way of enjoying the heat of the sun, the s
ound of the waves and the air of the sea breeze? A massage at the beachfront. You would surely enjoy  the calmness it brings as the therapists rub down your body with the scent of their oils.

Jonahs Fruit ShakesJona's Fruit Shake

A perfect hydration after a day’s stroll around the beach, Jonahs Fruit Shakes have tourists taste that they keep on coming back and buying for more. Do not fail to spot this establishment, its way budget friendly.

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    pls send me a tour package going to boracay

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    Good Morning,

    We (4+1non-diver) will be in the Philippine during July 2015. I have a opening in my planned schedule of about the 24th to the 30th of July 2015.

    Can you give me a cost estimation and breakdown for a package for this dates, Accommodation included?
    We also want to do something fun every day. So a list of day tours will be very helpfulle

    Daniel Botha

  • Katelene Medina

    Hi. Can you quote me all in packages for 2 pax for Boracay Trip this coming April 13 14 and 15.

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  • Katelene Medina

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    Could you please quote this following tour I want. From cebu to vigan airfare +accomodation 3-4 stars +tour and for two people . Regards gina

  • Gina mount

    Could you please quote this following tour I want. From cebu to vigan airfare +accomodation 3-4 stars +tour

  • Christian

    been to boracay last august 3 to 7 and had so much fun, thanks to our middleman uncle joe he gave us a fair deals of water activites this is his number 09498150103, he is very accomodating and he will even take pictures of you

  • Julia D. Matias

    July- rainy and stormy season most especially in Luzon (northern & southern Luzon) big waves (sea)strong pressure. Nice to swim in a private swimming pool or in a resort in Pansol Laguna where the water is not cold;is lukewarm even when its raining. If the weather is fine, may have a day activity too to go to Hidden Valley in Alaminos Laguna, has to start travel early to South Express Way and eat your breakfast in one of the gasoline station along the expressway where there is Cinnabon,Jollibee, or Mc Donald’s outlets as early as 5:30am travel before the sun breaks in the morning. Has to bring bathing suit, swimming trunks as Hidden Valley strictly observe compliance to dress code. avail weekdays reservation to Hidden Valley so it would be cheaper and the place will be more enjoyable for you.Avail a directory to locate their contact number for your pre paid reservation more advisable. Would also suggest that if the weather is permissible,and no storm, your 8 pax ( ideal as group – by all means hire a van that you would be paying same amount of 4,500.00 (2.5k for one whole day rent of the van and 2k surcharge for the gasoline expenses (1 day) to go to Bislig, to see the Tinuy-an Falls, then see a Philippine Rosewood (TO-OG) Tree of 300 years, then go to the Enchanted Blue Freshwater River of Hinatuan, eat seafood lunch there, next is the International Doll House also in Bislig, then, to sleep either in Bislig or sleep the night in Britania, San Agustin Surigao del Sur for an early breakfast the following morning then ride a pump boat for island hopping and sightseeing. To eat lunch in one of the beautiful islands of Britania. Seafoods are cheap here, has the most delicious alimango (crabs) here in Bislig. Has to eat Marang fruit as it is delicious…and they have it plenty here in Mindanao. May check in at Prince Hotel in Butuan as they have Mac Donald’s here where you can eat your breakfast for the kids and the hotel has an elevator to avoid using stairways going back & forth to your bedroom that may be located at the upper floors. There is also the Cagwait Beach , the Cawa Cawa , the Mabua Peeble Beach,and other hotsprings, lagoon and museum/ artifacts(Balanghay )Banza Historical Ruins Handicrafts/ souvenir stores that we were not able to go there anymore because we just stayed there for 4 very short days.

    Palawan could also be considered. The weather there is fine. Check in @ Puerto Pension in Puerto Princesa. They have facilities like an airconditioned van that can bring your group to the Underground River and have lunch afterwards. The following day, may opt to go to Honda Bay for island hopping, boat riding, taking a bath in the beach, and have lunch afterwards too before they will bring you back to the pension (bring your goggles, snorkle/happy red toothpaste for the goggles to prevent moist, rubber ring.. . the following day, your group may avail the half day City Tour and may like to buy some genuine southsea pearls there and some other souvenirs there that you may like. Do not skip making a reservation to eat there at KALUI RESTAURANT as the food there is great.There is also another restaurant there facing the sea here distinguished men ate there before, it is a seafood restaurant too, where there are sort of mangroves there (may try Tamilok)think its Badjao Restaurant(??) where the sea view is refreshing to the eyes… There is also KINABUCH RESTAURANT there , seemingly a popular hang out restaurant there. May also stroll along their seaside and may eat some balot or sitsirya while whining or relaxing there after your supper .

    During the month of July/August, places like Dumaguete (Negros Oriental) and also Davao (Kadayawan festivity month) can strongly be considered because the weather here is still fair while it was already raining so hard and floods are already all over in Manila. There are plenty of interesting places here to discover, beautiful places that will exceed beyond your expectation and are highly recommendable to see. Travel here in the Philippines is more fun…

  • Ben White

    Planning a trip to the Philippines in July 2014
    from Vancouver, Canada.
    No. of days planned: 3 weeks to 1 month.
    Why July? Kids are off from school July and August.
    No of travelers: 6 to 8: 5 adults & 3 children

    Sites being considered at this time:
    Palawan, Boracay, Taal, Albay, MOA etc.

    I like to see some brochures of the above sites
    and the cost of the Tour packages.

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