Travel Guide: Bucas Grande and Sohoton Cove National Park

Located somewhere around the town of Socorro within the province of Surigao Del Norte where the Bucas Grande Islands are home to, this group of islands is also known by its other name, the Sohoton Cove National Park.Sohoton-0412

What to see in Bucas Grande/ Sohoton Cove?


Bucas Grande Entrance

Bucas Grande may not be as big nor as glamorous as seen in other parts of the country as some may claim, there is a quaint charm about the place especially for one that is not yet fully charted even to this day.

What makes Bucas Grande special probably lies in its numerous caves—a good portion of which are still yet to be discovered—its water falls, the inland lakes, mangroves, iron woods, and many fishing grounds, even the underwater life that is only visible through snorkeling like the stingless jellyfishes which are great to be around with.

Yet most interesting of all the places is the Blue Lagoon and the Sohoton Cove, mysterious places within Bucas Grande whose only means of getting into is during low tide season for its vanishing entrance and yet something that may confuse you of its maze-like natural design once there.

Interestingly, here are other places you can visit or landmarks you can see in Bucas Grande:

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Horse’s ShoeSohoton-0452

Horse’s shoe is simply a natural rock formation somewhere in Bucas Grande that forms to what is to be a giant horse’s foot stuck on a rock – or at least, it looked that way, hence the naming.

Magkukuob Cave


Just one of the many caves within Bucas Grande you can go to. Magkukuob is a low-ceiling cave which can only be gotten into if there is low tide, unless you do not mind diving for its entrance. Aside from spelunking you can also climb to top and do cliff diving. This is a must-try activities when inside Bucas Grande.

Stingless Jellyfish Sanctuary

Sohoton (2)

Earlier it was mentioned that Bucas Grande is a home to some of the stingless jelly fishes there may be in this planet. The Stingless Jelly Fish Sanctuary is such place within Bucas Grande.

Bolitas and Crystal CaveSohoton-0389

Said to be not fully explored yet (but something you cannot do for yourself as a tourist alone), Bolitas and Crystal Cave are actually two separate cave systems within a cave system. Going on one can easily get you to another.

Tiktikan Lake


Unlike the caves which are only accessible in Bucas Grande during low tides, Tiktikan Lake is best experienced during high tides as its waters can get shallow if otherwise.

Kanlunes Beach Resort


Soccorro, Surigao del Norte is not known for white sand beach but this resort is an exception. Aside from white sand beach the resort is also surrounded by lush of greenery and lime stones formation, making this place good for relaxation.

Club Tara

Club Tara may be just one of a few resorts out there in Surigao Del Norte but what makes resorts such as it special for tourists is that, apart from the comfy design of the place, is that it allows anyone to have an overnight stay in the area which may otherwise be impossible for some.

When you have been to Bucas Grande and remember it on its name, you do not recall it on its seawaters, you remember it at something else appealing.

What else to do in Sohoton?



Travel by boat and do island-hopping.Go through a tour.

  • Snorkel around with jelly fishes
  • Spelunking around Bucas Grande’s many caves
  • Trek around hills
  • Dive underwater on Bucas Grande’s seawaters
  • Go camping
    Sohoton (4)



    Diving near Tiniktikan Lake



You need to bring fish and foods from Claver or Dapa because sometimes there is no fish available for sale near Bucas Grande.

Some tours around different attractions in Bucas Grande are primarily organized and controlled by the Municipal Tourism Office of Socorro. You may contact SAVE SOHOTON through Vincent Tamayo at 09308028704 for inquiries and reservations.

From Siargao, the trip to Bucas Grande is only three hours by boat. While Bucas Grande is accessible year-round, the best time to visit the place is during summer where the no-sting jelly fishes abound. To get a guaranteed sighting of these jelly fishes, visit the area sometime between April and June.
The rate for island-hopping tour in Bucas Grande varies. Boats that can accommodate for as much as 10 to 15 passengers may cost you 1,500 to 1,200 Philippine pesos while smaller capacity boats of less than 10 passengers would only costs you 500 to 1000 Philippine pesos.


Where to Stay?

No tourist vacation is complete without a place to stay. Likewise is also true if you are visiting Bucas Grande. Luckily, flourishing with tourists, Bucas Grande has plenty of places you can choose to stay to for a day or two (or more) of visits.

Club Tara Beach Resort
Phone Number: +63 917 522 5500

SIFAI Cottage
Phone Number: 09399047019

Tiniktikan Cottage
Phone Number: 09399047019

Bucas Grande Balanghai Hotel
Phone Number: 0907 893 1233

Hidden Island Resort
Tel. Number: 032-255-6048
Phone Number: 09173282448

Kanlunes Beach Resort
Phone Numbers: 09466963120

Phone Numbers : 09465697318

Contact Number: +639474807176
Email Address:

Contact Number: +639283214736


How to Get There?

Route 1:  Manila – Surigao City – Hayanggabon Port (Recommended Route)Sohoton-0654

Cebu Pacific and Philippine airline have daily flights between Manila and Surigao City. You can travel to Hayangabon Port via Claver from Surigao City Bus terminal and that would cost Php 120. From Hayanggabon port, you can rent a boat going to Sohoton and that would cost Php 800 to Php 1,500 depending on the size of the boat.


Route 2: Dapa Port, Siargao to Socorro (Bucas Grande)

If you’re from Dapa Port you can take a boat going to Sohoton Cove and that would take around 3 hours sometimes a bumpy ride.Dapa port

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