TRAVEL GUIDE: Saud Beach Resort in Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte

Be mesmerized by the enthralling scenery of Saud Beach Saud Beach as you visit Ilocos. It is nestled at the northern tip of Luzon just approximately around two hours from Laoag City where the closest airport to Ilocos is situated. Notably, Saud Beach is likened to that of Boracay owing to its long stretch of white sand beach which is around one kilometre wide. However, the experience it offers is incomparable to that of other commercialized beaches in the country due to its more quiet and tranquil ambiance. In addition to that, Saud Beach has also captured the limelight of the tourism industry due to its delectable native cuisines that will allow you to immerse in the rich way of life of the locals.

Saud Beach

Plus, Saud’s clear waters without a tinge of garbage scattered on the shores and its beach complemented well by teeming coconut trees encompassing the whole coast adds more splendour to its natural beauty.

Saud Beach Resort

Saud Beach Resort

Aside from swimming, you may opt to wake up early in the morning and buy some fish which are freshly captured by the fishermen in Saud Beach. Remember, fresh fish cooked in different ways makes one of the most delicious dishes that will ever touch your palate.

Swimming at Saud beach

saud beach boat

Fresh Catch at Saud Beach

Apart from its pristine white beach which is already naturally-breathtaking, Saud Beach also offers one of the most captivating sunsets in the country. Witness firsthand as the colourful rays of the sun gradually bidding goodbye and going well with the vibrant hues of the sky as it slowly dims.

Sunset at Saud beach
Furthermore, if you’re fond of collecting keepsakes from the places that you travel to, you will be thrilled by the Saud Beach Souvenir Vendors’ Cooperative which features long rows of vendors which sell valuable souvenirs and crafts just placed on mats. Recognized for their affordable prices of souvenirs than to that of Blue Lagoon sellers, Saud Souvenir Vendors can even specially modify the designs of your chosen items in accordance to your liking. Among the famous souvenirs sold in Saud are bracelets, refrigerator magnets, locally-made bags, keychains, hats and a whole lot more.

souvenir shop

How to get there:

  • If Vigan is your jump off point from Manila, you may take a bus from Bantayan to Laoag. Travel time is about 2 hours and costs around 120 Pesos. From Laoag’s bus terminal, ride a tricycle that will take you to another terminal with buses that are bound for Pagudpud. Travel time to Pagudpud is around 2 hours. Inform the driver to drop you at Pagudpud’s Municipal Halla. From the Municipal Hall, there are a lot of tricycles which you can hire to take you to your booked accommodation in Saud Beach.


When it comes to choices of accommodations there are myriad of options to pick from that will suit your budget. From home-stays to inns and hotels, Saud Beach has it all in store for you. Just don’t forget to book early since accommodations tend to run out especially during peak seasons.

Here’s a list of some accommodations offered in Saud Beach:

Saud Beach Resort (2)

Saud Beach Resort


Saud Beach Contact info:

  • 0917-5195495 0918-5533073
  • (632) 928-9853


Solaris Beach

Polaris Beach House

Polaris Beach Resort Contact Info:

  • 0999-9958-729

Sabrina Beach Home

 Sabrina Beach Home Contact info: 

  • (02)7512146
  • 09215530660, 09289847125, 09165915857



Arinaya Beach Resort

Arinaya Beach Resort Contact info:

  • Telephone: (632) 662-1111
Casa victoria Beach resort

Casa victoria Beach resort

Casa Victoria Beach Resort Contact Info:

  • Phone 0917 505 1462

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