VSU Garden Beach Resort, Leyte

Have you ever heard of a resort located inside a state university? Well, if you haven’t, you certainly have not heard of VSU Garden Beach Resort. Amazingly, this resort is located at the Visayas State University (VSU) main campus. This is one of the latest developments of Visayas State University, an institution of higher learning and accredited as one of the Dark Green Schools in the Philippines, a school dedicated to the protection and preservation of the environment. Here you will experience the touch of nature and scenic beauty of the view of Camotes Sea and Mount Pangasugan. Another great thing about the resort is their amenities. It is unbelievable actually that they managed to fit the resort at the VSU community.



  • Swimming Pool
  • Function Hall
  • Social Park Kiosks
  • Swimming Pool Kiosks
  • Social Park Activity Area
  • Grills and Viewbar
  • Viewdeck
  • Seafront Suites


Entrance Fee to the resort – P 10.00
Use of swimming pool:

  • Non-VSU Employees & Students – 75.00
  • VSU Employees and Students – 50.00
  • Kids (10 yrs & below) – 25.00

Function Hall –

  • Php 500.00 First Hour
  • P350.00/hr succeeding
  • 150 – 200 person capacity

Social Park Kiosks

  •  1-8 hours – Php 200.00
  • P50.00/hour beyond 8 hours
  • 10 -15 person capacity


Swimming Pool Kiosks

  • 1-8 hours – Php 250.00
  • P50.00/hour beyond 8 hours
  • 20-30 person

Grills and Viewbar

  • 380-degree Observatory Tower
  • P 800.00 First 8 hours ( Flat Rate for the 8 hrs)
  • P100.00 per hour after 8 hours

Social Park Activity Area

  • P500.00 for 1-8 hours
  • (P50.00/hour beyond 8 hours)


  • P 800.00 First 8 hours ( Flat Rate for the 8 hrs)
  • P100.00 per hour after 8 hours

Seafront Suites

  • overnight stay accommodation
  • 2 units, 4 rooms per unit,
  • 9 persons maximum capacity per unit
  • 24-hour usage of the unit P 3,500.00
  • Holding private parties/seminars,etc. within
  • the area/unit additional of P500.00/day
    – Air-con per room
    – Cable TV per unit
    – Hot & Cold Shower
    – Lounge Area per unit
    – Kitchen & Dining Area per unit

River Side Park and Pool Activity Area

  • P500.00 for 1-8 hours
  • P50.00/hour beyond 8 hours

Exclusive use of the Social Park Area

  • Availability of the Function Hall, 5 kiosks, Side Stage and Parks
  • P 1,500.00 – First Hour
  • P450.00/hr – succeeding

Exclusive use of the Swimming Pool Area

  • Poolside Activity Area, 5 kiosks
  • P 3,000.00 – First Hour
  • P500.00/hr – succeeding

Exclusive use of the Whole Area

  • Social Park Area, Swimming Pool Area and View deck
  • P 3,500.00 – First Hour
  • 1,000.00/hr – succeeding


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  • Lydia P Maniacop

    I will be taking my whole family from other location and I was amazed this location for 40 years I was away from this place I would like to see the big development. Notify me if July 19-21, 2017 is already occupied. My family will stay VSU Garden Beach Resort. Is there a tour package and how much.

  • Marti Santangelo

    Hello 🙂

    i will be doing 9 months of volunteer work with the IHK department at VSU, starting around October 1st and am looking for on campus accommodation for that period of time. Do you offer long stay? If so, what are the options and prices? I would need to be able to cook as well, so if your suites don’t offer a self contained kitchen, then can you please recommend any other options that might work for me on or near campus?

    Many thanks!

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