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Dubbed as Asia’s Ultimate Surfing Destination, Siargao has been drawing locals and foreign tourists alike to its sandy beaches and large waves. YouTube user Lush Video uploaded a video featuring Siargao, but not how it is usually depicted in advertisements and brochures. The makers of the video intended to show what Siargao really is, aside from being a surfing destination. Located in Surigao Del Norte, Siargao is a tear-drop shaped island measuring approximately 437 square kilometers. The island boasts of white sand beaches, coral reefs, seaweed farms, and round waves ideal for surfing.

From the beginning of the video, you will immediately see blue clear waters which will pan to a shot of the shore. Then the video shifts to a top view of the coast. Usually, we only envision the beach from the shore. Yet, when viewed from above, our image of the beach becomes different. We see where the sand meets the water. We see where the palm trees stand and the long stretch of the shore. We see where the deep and shallow parts of the ocean are. We see a lot, not just sand and water. This, precisely, is what surfers miss in Siargao. Tiny island it may be, but Siargao has fertile lands for rice farming. It is not only about beaches, but Siargao has also green fields to boast about. Far from where the shore is, coconut trees are bountiful in the island.[/vc_column_text]

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