Zipping the 1.3 kilometer zipline at Dakak Beach Resort Adventures

Zipping the 1.3 kilometer zipline at Dakak Beach Resort Adventures

Ziplines have been a fad to filipinos nowadays. More and more adventure games are sprouting in order to cater the adventure buffs. Undeniably, I am one. Knowing that Dakak has this set of rides, I did not miss out trying their Adventure Package.

dakak zipline

Their Package is inclusive of an ATV ride or Horseback Riding and a 1.3 kilometer Zipline ride for 500php. Not bad for something that adds up to your memorable experiences. So we headed to the upper portion of the resort and bought tickets.

The place is not crowded. Though there were other guests availing the package, but it didn’t bother the traffic of users. From the stall where you can buy your tickets which is also their photo booth you will be drove uphill by their staff in an improvised jeep Kilometers away is the station for the zipline ride. It is a must that you bring RUBBER SHOES along with you as they require it for the ATV ride.


The journey to the station is really steep. I remembered uttering a prayer on my head for safe journey. But the view there was really rewarding. It was a beautiful horizon of the land and sea kissing.

Upon arriving there, we sat for a while on a restaurant while waiting for the guests who are still renting their ATVs. You can order food and drinks there but expect it to be a little pricey. After, we were assisted by the staff to wear protective gears. It was fun because we felt like we transformed to BIOMAN after posing like such in a short photoshoot session. The crew was really friendly and helpful. I forgot to bring my rubbershoes and they do not have shoe rentals there. So one staff allowed me to use his. I gave something to him afterwards though for that generosity.


When the ATVs are available, we went to the ATV that matched our gears. I got the yellow vehicle.

It was my first time to ride an ATV and it is maneuvered by a clutch system which luckily i have a little idea on. So the staff gave us a 2 minute instruction then the rest was left on how we absorbed it. Anyway, it was not difficult. All I got to do is drive on the very steep road!!!!! Really not suited for amateurs, but my desire overpowered my fear. And yes, i finally exhaled after reaching the plane on the uphill. I just put in mind to be distant from the ATV in front of me so that when something unfortunate happens to that person, I will not become the second victim. Aside the smooth terrain, I also earned the courage to drive on the bumpy road. I was on ecstasy Though the sunshine was really piercing on my skin, it did not matter that time. Twenty minutes passed, we need to return to the station. And just like most filipinos, we ended up the ATV adventure with a photo shoot session.555857_10151356830538392_33283986_n

The next part of the adventure was the zipline. We were allowed to choose what position to take so that they can adjust the harness attached to our body. I wanted the sitting position but they were teasily convincing me to try the superman position. That’s so I can really enjoy the ride. A bit panicky, I still pushed my limits and chose the superman position. The gears for the zipline were worn to us. I already have tried a couple of ziplines from the past but this one has lesser harness attached to me which quite scared me. At the back of my mind I was thinking, “I am about to zip a 1.3 kilometer zipline down-slope and yet I am attached to two only two cables”? When it was about my turn, I forced my self to conquer my fear. 3…2… (there goes my boyfriend)… 1…. and zip!!!! Wow!!! It was amazing to fly back dropped by a lovely scenery. I waited for the stopper to hit my cables. Then I posed like wonder woman for picture taking purposes. They have this ladder that will slowly come near you so you can go down. When I finally got over the experience, we then check the photo booth and buy the photos they captured during the ride.

551294_10151356837693392_473330991_n (1)

Though I have been to a couple of zipline rides but the one in Dakak is something worth returning.

Written by Tammy Sulit

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    What a magnificent View!! Truly Vibrant.


    Wonderful, & Breathtaking indeed!! THE PHILIPPINES IS TRULY A PARADISE located in the South East Asia. It’s more FUN in the PHILIPPINES!!

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