13 Activities in South Cebu for 2 Days with Detailed Itinerary

Southern Cebu is one of the many reasons why it truly is more fun in the Philippines. Home of many historical sites, filled with fun and exciting activities, areas that are just too good not to take a picture of, South Cebu has truly proven that it is a must visit place by not only locals but by travellers across the globe.

Looking for a travel destination? Why not try to travel to South Cebu and have the list down below as your must see and do for your trip.

Swimming at  Mantayupan Falls in Barili

Its beautiful bluish water and the surrounding trees and plants, makes it a travel site for those wanting to enjoy a good swim while being away from the city. The Mantayupan Falls is a regular destination for visitors that is why the city has made sure that the roads and bridges going to it is well maintained.

Beach Bumming at Basdaku White Sand Beach in Moalboal

Famous for its beautiful white sand beach and crystal clear waters, the Basdaku beach has become a favorite site of almost all travellers. Not only does it look beautiful on the outside but what’s underneath is a definite jawdropper. Locals and visitors alike enjoy scuba diving in the area.

Free Diving with Sardines at Panagsama beach in Moalboal

Swimming amongst millions of sardines is a very unique experience that should not be missed out. The Panagsama reef offers a chance to get up close and personal with these little fishies while enjoying the wonders of the beach.

Cliff Jumping at Kawasan Falls in Badian

If you decide to go here, this would most probably be the highlight of your trip. Experience discovering the Kawasan falls through canyoneering.

Conquer the levels of Aguinid falls in Samboan

The falls that makes up its lack of height through its mystical features. Unique rock formations, astonishing water content, and enchanting surroundings, is what is seen thoughout all the levels of the Aguinid falls. It is composed of five levels with each level having its own mystery.

Take a dip at Mainit hotspring in Malabuyoc

It’s always nice to relax and unwind. And a great way to do so is by having a bath at the Mainit hotspring in Malabuyoc, far from the city. The hotspring has four different pools you can choose from, each have their own temperature and size.

Swim with whale sharks in Oslob

For a fee of Php500, you get the wonderful chance to swim with the whale sharks in Oslob. These gentle giants are interesting to watch. Since this isn’t an everyday experience, best to take pictures. And in case you forget to bring your underwater camera, the locals also offer a rental for underwater cameras.

Be astonished by the crystal clear water of Sumilon island

Don’t get confused if some of locals refer to Sumilon island as “Sumilon sandbar” they’re just the same. You will be in awe of how the color of the water looks similar to the color of the sky. Seeing the clean and clear water would make you wish people would stop throwing trash in improper places so that places such as Sumilon island would stay the way it is.

Enjoy the grandeur of Tumalog falls

A tall and grand falls that would leave you speechless with the first sight of it. No matter how many pictures you take, it would seem as though a hundred pictures is not enough to fully show how beautiful it is. Because the falls is surrounded by numerous trees, the atmosphere in the area is also breezy and cool.

History and beauty through the Oslob church and cuartel

Discover the history of the south cebu through old architecture. This building has been up and standing for more than a hundred years already. Enjoy taking pictures of the unique details while listening to the splash of the waves hitting sand in the nearby beach.

Visit the Boljoon church

One of the oldest prevailing churches in Cebu. The church showcases old and complex carvings. The interior design is beautiful decorated.

Climb to the top of Osmena peak

Considered as the highest peak in the province of Cebu, Osmena peak offers an excellent view. And the best way to enjoy the climb is to stay there overnight, so you can get a chance to see different view of the stars up above.

The Simala shrine in Sibonga

Frequently visited by locals, visitors, and tourists. Devotees are seen at the shrine almost everyday.

The best thing about going to a different country, city, province, etc. is discovering it. And if you have included South Cebu in your list, make sure to include the list above in your “what to do” list.

Detailed Itinerary:

(Please note that you need to have a car or a van to do this.)

Day 1

4:00 Leave Cebu City
6:00 Mantayupan Falls, Barili
7:30  Bas Daku in Moalboal
9:00 Snorkeling at Panagsama Beach, Moalboal
11:00 Kawasan Falls in Badian
1:00 Aguinid Falls in Samboan
3:30 Mainit Hot Spring in Malabuyoc
5:00 Check-in at Moalboal

Day 2

6:00 Whaleshark Watching
7:30 Rent a boat to Sumilon Island
11:00 Checkout at Moalboal
11:30 Tumalog Falls
12:30 Oslob Church (picture 2x)
1:30 Boljoon Church (picture 2 x)
2:30 Osmena Peak (20 minutes climb)
4:30 Simala in Sibonga
7:30 Cebu City

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  • Issa

    I totally agree with Canyoneering in Badian, O.Peak hike, and Aguinid Falls trekking.

    Sadly, Sumilon Island isn’t as pristine as it used to be – the smell of seawater is bad and the sand isn’t as fine as they appear on pictures. The water in Tumalog Falls is just a trickle in the summer season. And swimming with whale sharks encourage fishermen to keep them in the area instead of letting them migrate for reproduction.

    I would add Inambakan Falls on this list.

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  • Erlinda De Jesus

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