18 Must-See Beaches in El Nido, Palawan

As a part of an archipelago that itself is also one, the province of Palawan is a place full of many islands that are surrounded by a huge body of water—for a region gifted by nature of its make-up, this is an area that is also full of many beaches coming from these islands.

The same is also true even when narrowed down to a specific region in Palawan that is El Nido, a thriving first class municipality of the province that is home to at least 36,000 people as nestled at the north-eastern portion of the capital city, Puerto Princesa.

Of these many beaches, we list down the best 18 as follows:

Nacpan Beach

Making a part of two different yet very close by distance beaches, the Nacpan Beach is the unparalleled equal of its twin, the Calitang Beach—you are basically just a few steps away from either.

 Cudugnon BeachEl-Nido-beaches-0126

While many people would find more interest in the cave that was said to be a burial of ancient people—the Cudugnon Cave—the beach in the same island is nonetheless worthy of a visit for its fair share of great traits that makes seawaters by the shore within the province of Palawan memorable among tourists.

Talisay BeachEl-Nido-beaches-9836

One of the highlights in El Nido Tour C is the Talisay Beach, located in Matinloc Island.  Though short, the beach gives a feeling of exclusivity. Each boatmen and its tourist have different itinerary on a daily basis so there is a great chance that your group will be the only ones enjoying Talisay beach.

 Snake IslandEl-Nido-beaches-0092

Do not take it simply by its name, there are not much snakes in this island (if at all). How it got its name as the “Snake Island” is because of the inherent shape of the island itself when looked at a certain angle—one good angle ideally is from atop the island while flying in the sky, possibly on a helicopter. There you shall see a snake-like formation of the sands where a resort stands as if though on a “snake’s” belly.

Papaya BeachEl-Nido-beaches-0299

Finding fishes the likes of Nemo does not need to get far if you are to snorkel Papaya Beach’s waters. The fishes’ reeves are literally just a few feet away from the shore—a perfect setting for the young ones to enjoy their snorkeling without the need to worry of getting too far into the waters.

 Pinagbuyatan IslandEl-Nido-beaches-0239

Like it for its pristine seawaters or its landscape, what you actually get are the best of both—especially when looked at an angle facing the island’s beach to the front. Seawaters aside, Pinagbuyatan Island is easily distinguished for its overall shape.

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