21 Things to do when in Zamboanga City

Zambaonga City is a city located in Mindanao, Philippines. The city that holds the title “Asia’s Latin City” because of its dialect, Chavacano, that sounds similar to the Spanish Language. Its culture and tradition has deep roots that connect to that of the country’s Spanish colonizers. Zambaonga City is a truly magnificent city that has different sites and activities to offer its visitors and tourists.
Call up your friends and family, start packing your clothes, camera and sunscreen, and get ready to discover the beauty of Zambaonga City through the different sites and activities listed down below.

 Beach Bumming at the Pink Sand Beach of  Sta. Cruz island

Pink coral-line sand. Yes, you heard it right. The beautiful beach of Sta. Cruz island will not only fascinate and amaze you because of its beautiful view but its uniquely colored sand will surely make you want to bring out your phone and take hundreds of photos. The pink highlights in the sand come from crushed organ pipe corals (Tubipora musica) that, once blended with the other crushed white corals, look pink in broad daylight.

Watch musically gyrating fountain at Paseo del Mar

The dancing fountain in Paseo Del Mar may not be the first fountain built in the city but it is the biggest and the most sensational of them all. The dancing musical fountain runs a show for about 30 mins filled with rhythmic dancing, music, lights, fire and special effects that surely captivates its audiences from the youngest to even the oldies.

Mangrove tour at Sta. Cruz island

If a unique nature experience is what you are looking for, the mangroves in lagoon of Sta. Cruz island would be perfect for you. Through a paddle boat and with a guide, you would see some of the huge mangroves found in the lagoon that have lived for about a hundred years already. The guide would also explain to you the different types of mangroves found in the area.

Visit the City Hall

The Zamboanga city hall is a historic building that has been standing for more than a hundred years. This city hall is a beautiful representation of the city, a mixture of both historic and modern, a building that also gives you an idea of the city’s culture.

 Learn History at Fort Pilar

Enjoy learning about the history of the city through visiting Fort Pilar and its Museum. Trivia: The museum is actually a regional museum of the National Museum of the Philippines. Visit the fort and the museum to discover the different artifacts that makes the whole area a tourist favorite. Have a quick time travel through these places.

Chasing the sunset at Paseo Del Mar

Want to stroll and be relaxed through the scenery around you? Paseo Del Mar is the perfect place for strolling and enjoying the view of the sunset through its path along the coast. You’ll see the various species of birds in the area. If you get hungry, there are stores owned by locals that sell delicious food close by.

Try Knickerbocker

Craving for something to quench your thirst from the heat? Try out the halo-halo counterpart in Zamboanga. The Knickerbocker is a combination of undeniably delightful fresh fruits (watermelon, pineapple, melon, apple, mango), jellies, condensed milk and a very delicious strawberry ice cream. This is a very famous and the all-time favorite dessert of the locals.

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