21 Things to do when in Zamboanga City

Dine at Jimmy’s Satti house

A true delicacy in Zamboanga is there Satti’s. Satti is a Tausug food that is extremely spicy (so better prepare yourself) which makes it the perfect “waker upper” in the morning. It is served with a side of puso (sticky rice that is cooked on weaved coconut leaf) and with sticks of freshly grilled beef with the side of hot and sweet sauce.

Eat seafoods at Alavar’s Restaurant Seafoods

Your trip would never be complete without having a taste of the local seafood and the perfect place to try them is at Alavar’s Restaurant. A must try in their menu is their famous and delectable, Curacha. Curacha is a spanner crab grown in Zamboanga. The Curacha is truly a head turned because of its “worth the money” size and because of its undeniably mouthwatering sauce.

Be amazed by the life above the sea at Rio Hondo

Rio Hondo is famous for its houses on stilts. The houses are on stilts because of the deep river that surrounds the village. Although, the area isn’t exactly included on the “must visit” list of tourists because the families in the area experience extreme poverty but one thing about traveling is to truly immerse in the culture of where you go. And because of the area, most people overlook the part that it actually gives a great view of the sea through its stilt houses. It gives you a different perspective, literally and figuratively.

Visit Yakan Weaving Village

Looking for unique souvenirs to bring home for your family and friends? Yakan Village is known for its creative handicrafts and weaved mats. You get to choose from varied colors and unique designs. Bags, wallets, table runners, they have so many different things you can choose to buy and take home. Buying here would not only help support the native weavers but what you’re also bringing home a piece of their culture with you.

Shop at barter trade center

Are you familiar with Divisoria in Metro Manila? Well Zamboanga city has a counterpart for this called Canelar Barter Center. It is a long street that is filled with different crafts, clothes, food, and well anything you can think of it. Extremely cheap and you can even try to haggle to get even a cheaper price. You would notice how the stalls have their own designs. Definitely a must go to place for cheap shopping.

 Experience Hermosa festival

And if you decide to travel to Zamboanga City during October, you might be lucky you might be able to even celebrate the annual Zamboaga Hermosa Festival or known as “Fiesta Pilar”. It is celebrated for as long as 12 days and nights filled with different events and activities. This is the festival the locals of Zamboanga truly prepare for, making it a very grandiose celebration. The celebration is in honor of the miraculous image of Our Lady of the Pilar Nuestra Señora del Pilar de Zaragosa.

Pray at Nuestra Señora del Pilar de Zaragosa

Discover the history of the city through another historic and majestic site of Nuestra Señora La virgin del Pilar de Zamboanga. The fort has been able to withstand constant threats of fierce warriors and invaders back so many years ago. This is a very quiet and calm place, where you can go and sit and take in the beauty of the history of this fort.

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