24 Summer Destinations Near and Within Cebu

Summer is near, what plans do you have in mind? Before thinking about going to Paris, to Japan, or other countries abroad, why don’t you explore more of our own country? The Philippines has a lot to offer, and while these natural wonders are still available to the public we should try to explore and be proud of them.
Cebu is one to visit this summer, or any time during the year. We have 23 reasons why you should.

Sta. Fe Beach in Bantayan Island


Photo by Gay General

Surrounded by clean blue waters, bask in the sun together with your friends and family in Sta. Fe Beach. There are various resorts in Bantayan Island, but among those most popular is Sta. Fe Beach.

Malapascua Island,  Cebu

Malapascua (4)

Photo by Matt Keiffer

Of course, what do you expect, the Philippines is an archipelago hence there are a lot of islands in the country. The good news – they all provide amazing and majestic views of the waters around us. Malapascua Island is for swimming, diving, and bonding for the most worth-it experience in your life.

Sumilon Island, Oslob

Sumilon Island

Photo by Gay General

What’s unique about Sumilon Island? The sandbar varies shape depending on the season and the tide. What’s a sandbar? It’s that strip of sand surrounded by blue waters, where you can take a selfie as if you are stranded in the middle of the sea.

Camotes Island, Danao City

Santiago White beach/ Photo from Lanyaw.com

You might be thinking that Camotes Island is where camote or sweet potato is cultivated. The answer is no, instead it is home to coconut, potatoes, and corn. Of course there’s another majestic view of blue waters and everything that nature has to offer.

Tingko Beach, AlcoyTingco beach Ace macasero

Tingko Beach is a manifestation that some islands really do disappear during high tide. Across a deep blue lagoon, the Tingko Beach offers the usual sights of any other beach.

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