7 Destinations in Davao Oriental that will Rock your Summer

With all the tourist spots here in the Philippines, it isn’t surprising that when summer comes Filipinos and tourists alike find it difficult to choose which tourist spot they should visit next.

One place we can suggest which you will not regret visiting is Davao Oriental.

Davao Oriental is the destination that has it all. From relaxing and serene spots to the most exciting and interesting places that have activities you will surely enjoy.

Planning to visit Davao Oriental? Check out the list of places that you MUST visit.

Davao Oriental Welcome Park

The best way to begin your tour of Davao Oriental is by visiting their Welcome Park. This elegant looking park has a cafe where you can enjoy such exquisite tasting meals and tons of shops where you can find unique things that you would love to buy for yourself and your friends.  There is also a trail near the part that will give you a breathtaking view of Banaybanay.

Dahican Beach

Dahican Beach Looking for a place to take a dip? This white sand beach is the spot to do that. With all the different resorts in the area, it is without a doubt that you will find one that will make your stay in Davao Oriental even more enjoyable.

Aliwagwag Falls

Considered to be the tallest of its kind at anywhere in the country by hydraulic engineers for its series of 84 falls (others say 130, depending on the means of measurement), each step of which measuring an average of 69 feet, the Aliwagwag Falls truly stood out for its kind as a towering piece of nature.

Sleeping dinosaur in Mati

Found in the Badas road, enjoy the site from this place through its viewing deck. Maybe plan a picnic and enjoy the breathtaking view. The reason for the name of the island is that it is quite similar to the plesiosaur dinosaur.

Subangan Museum

A museum that exhibits both cultural and historical heritage of Davao Oriental. There are a lot of different things in this museum that you will discover and information that will pique your interest. One of its attraction that you will surely not miss is the beon remains of sperm whale that is 53 feet long.

Mt. Hamiguitan Park

Mt. Hamiguitan is one of the sites here in the Philippines that has been included in the World Heritage Sites List of UNESCO. And what better way to truly appreciate it than by visiting the Mt. Hamiguitan Museum. The museum was designed in such a way that each section, each display, all information, could interest both the young and the old.

Pusan Point Park

Taking instagram worthy photographs would be no problem here in Pusan Point. There is no angle that isn’t perfect for your instagram feed. But its picturesque landscape and view is the only reason why it is loved by many. There are tons of activities you can do here as well.

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  • Ramon D. Naguita

    Sept. 2015, we paid a visit to the scenery in Davao Oriental namely, the Aliwagwag Natiural & Waterfalls and The Badas Overview respectively.
    What impressed me most is the cleanliness of the Wash Rooms in Aliwagwag and it’s Free of Cost.
    Having worked in the Hotel & Restaurant Industry for the last 43 years the Basic Hygienic Practices is the No. 1, criteria The Tourism Sector Has to Focus with. Producing more Aliwagwag Standord Norm creates impact on the Tourism Industry.
    Take Note: Hygiene means Clean.
    Clean what? Place; People; Equipment and Food, Note. One of it is not clean their bridge of contamination.
    Promote natural organic food presentation on those designated eateries beside fast food chain. Possibly encourage local chefs to prepare freshly prepared food with MSG ( Vetsin ), because their extreme danger of allergic reaction that may cause sudden death. This we experienced in an eatery in Banganga with freshly catch Malasuge Fish but ruined by adulterant it with MSG. Secondly supervise and inspect washroom facilities and kept it hygienically clean using natural disinexpectant and odour remover; also it must be FOC since passengers ir clientele are buying something free them. Here they can earn extra income by Marketing Souvenier Items.
    Lastly, in coordination with Transport Tours Company with Luxurious Coaches ( Bachelor Tours ) or similar Bus Companies can arrange Booking Tours Trips that Brings In and Out visitors, coming from Davao City to all points of destinations in the Region. Example: Aliwagwag Trips that leaves Davao City at 0300 hrs. Arriving Aliwagwag 0700 hrs. Leaving Aliwagwag at 1100 hrs. bound for Davao City. Estimated 2 Trips on Weekdays and 5 trips on Weekened and Holidays.
    Lastly, Organizing Local Residents as Local Security for Safety and Protection of Visitors.
    With Davao Region becoming A Tourist Destinations, multiplier expects of employment and revenues for the LGU’s and residents alike.
    As dual citizens we can promote our places and take pride of inviting more visitors to view and see the natural beauty of the country side.
    I will be visiting Davao City and this coming mid May until mid July 2917.
    Should you be interested I can share my experiences in the application of 1201 ISO standard; HACCP and WHIMS protocols; Hygiene Standard Practices and Safety.
    Thank you and God bless.

    Ramon D. Naguita
    Toronto/Davao City

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