Aguila Beach Resort, Anilao East, Mabini, Batangas

Aguila Beach Resort, Anilao East, Mabini, Batangas

Aguila Beach Resort is situated at Anilao East, Mabini, Batangas. They offer their guests both locals and foreign tourists a unforgettable vacation. Their staff will accommodate you from the star of your stay until the end. They will assist you in whatever you need. Enjoy your stay with their cozy and clean rooms. The resort is surrounded with beautiful trees and flowers for a relaxing feel. Sparkling water and cool breeze is also infront of you to enjoy. A breathtaking view will be seen in this resort. It is also ideal for celebrations, meetings, reunions, honeymoon, etc.




  • Mabuhay                    P2,400.00
  • Maganda                    P3,790.00
  • Maharlika                  P2,775.00




  • Food and Beverage Area
  • Function Hall
  • Swimming pool for children and adults
  • Wide playing field
  • Wide parking area
  • Boat rides
  • Walking distance to the public market


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By admin / Administrator, bbp_keymaster

on Jul 03, 2011

Our mission is to bring each of the 7,107 Philippine islands to you. We constantly make sure that our tour packages are high-quality and with reasonable rates. We do not just want to satisfy your travel needs, we make sure that we go beyond your expectations by taking you to the most memorable trip of your life, each and every time.

Comments (7)

  • Laila romero

    yung picnic table po ba may bubong? malapit din po sa dagat yung picnic table?

  • Cyrel Cuering

    How much your nipahut cottages?for 1 much your entrace fee sa beach tnx.pls.reply.

  • Annrhea nakano

    Hi were planning to go to youre beach
    Together with my family 12adults and 8 kids
    Just for 1 day only. Can we used only nipahut cottages?
    How much is youre rate for cottages?
    Pls reply asap

  • Jeannie

    magkano over nyt for 2 adult and a kid..rply asap..tnx

  • Topher

    May floating cottage pa ga diyan? Magkano?

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  • Maureencapua

    h0w much for overnight stay? For 2?

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