Matin-ao Inland Resort in New Corella, Davao del Norte

  For those who would like to experience a worthwhile getaway in a not so far-flung resort from the city of Tagum, Matin-ao Inland Resort is probably the best option to choose. Matin-ao Resort is situated 5KM from  New Corella proper and can be reached thru a 40 minutes trip from Tagum City’s Transport Terminal. […]

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Top 10 Activities in the Philippines During Rainy Season

Bade farewell to summer and say hello to the rainy days! The month of June usually marks the beginning of the rainy season in the Philippines but that doesn’t mean the enjoyment ends, because in the Philippines, the fun things to do never stops regardless of the climate. There are still a lot of perks […]

On Exploring Lake Holon: An Adventure for a Greater Cause

We left Davao proper as early as 1:30 am for our much-awaited outreach program in Tboli. We took the Gensan bound bus in Ecoland, travel time was about 4hrs. From Gensan, it took us another 1 hour trip to get to Marbel. It was already around 7 am when we reached Tboli. From there we […]

Secdea Beach Resort, Samal Island

For the longest time, The Island Garden City of Samal or IGACOS, has been considered as one of the premier tourist destinations in Mindanao. Samal on the whole is famous for its secluded white-sand beach resorts, pristine waters and fine-looking environment. Through the years, new beach resorts have been developed in IGACOS and one of […]

Exploring Mt. Apo’s Kapatagan-Kidapawan Trail

Mind you, it wasn’t my first time to climb the tallest and most majestic mountain of the Philippines, but I was still thrilled to give in to one of my friend’s invitation to explore the mountain during this year’s Lenten season. Maybe what made me say yes this time was the different trail to be explored and of […]

Top 21 Reasons Why You Should Visit Davao

Discover the Top 21 Reasons why you should visit Davao and find out why there is no truthful basis to any of the false impressions made up against our much-loved Davao City. Life is Here Honest Taxi Drivers The instance you get out of Davao’s International Airport, you will be at peace knowing that you […]

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25 Dishes Around the Philippines

With the immensity of varied culinary and cultures to offer, Philippines is undeniably recognized as one of the best countries to celebrate and share a great fusion of unique and extraordinary food greatly influenced by a vibrant combination of cookery from countries such as China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Spain, Japan and the United States. Such vast […]

Top 10 Beaches in Davao Region

Apart from being renowned as one of the biggest and most peaceful city in the entire world, Davao region is also well-loved for its great beaches. So if you plan to devour the beauty that Philippines have to offer then you better include the Top 10 Beaches in Davao Region in your travel itinerary.  Isla […]

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Lake Sebu Tourist Spots and Travel Guide

Visiting Mindanao wouldn’t be complete without going to one of Philippines’ cultural landscapes – Lake Sebu. According to UNESCO, a cultural landscape destination is a geographical area that had successfully combined the works of nature and that of man. There are three lakes found in the town where the legendary Lake Sebu lies. Lake Sebu […]

An Open Letter for Responsible and Reliable Journalism

Dear ABS-CBN, Journalists have a social responsibility to deliver accurate, unbiased, and appropriate news reporting. ABS-CBN has demonstrably failed in this mandate with their irresponsible and sensationalist broadcasting. Whether they have done good things in the past is IRRELEVANT. What matters now is that they should be held ACCOUNTABLE for their irresponsible and inaacurate news […]

Top 45 Must-Visit Beaches in the Philippines Before You Die

With around 7,107 islands to explore, there seems to be unending list of reasons to travel around the Philippines and words nor pictures are enough to describe the immeasurable exquisiteness that this country has to offer. Calaguas, Camarines Norte Situated in the northernmost part of Bicol region, specifically Camarines Norte, are the islands of Calaguas […]

Camiguin Tourist Spots and Travel Guide

If there is one place that anyone would say that is WORTH EVERYTHING – that is the Camiguin Island. Known as the Island born of Fire due to its history, Camiguin is best described as “Paradise”. Sitting north of Cagayan De Oro City, this blessed island is what many people would want to visit. Anyone […]

SALE SEAT ALERT: Cebu Pacific Piso Fare Promo

SALE SEAT ALERT: Cebu Pacific Piso Fare Promo

The budget airline and the country’s largest domestic carrier, Cebu Pacific (CEB) launches Piso Fare Promo on all Domestic and International destinations.Hurry limited seats only. Travel Period:June 1 to December 15, 2014 Sale Period: up to January 26, 2014 or until supply last What are you waiting for? Contact your friends and travel buddies now. […]

Free Text to Philippines Using Facebook Application

Free Text to Philippines Using Facebook Application

Chikkalite is a Facebook application that allows the users to send free text messages anywhere for free. Chikkalite is one of the innovations under Chikka, a wireless applications and services provider that is geared in mobile instant messaging, mobile email, free text messages and mobile content. Be sure that you have already logged on to […]

Sinulog Festival 2014 Schedule of Activities

Have a blast in one of the vibrant, dynamic and most sought after festivals in the Philippines that is celebrated every 3rd Sunday of January in Cebu City. Experience first-hand the Sinulog Festival this 2014 and prepare yourself for a heart-pumping, out of the ordinary festival celebration where you can dance your heart out, conquer […]

Balesin Island Club | A private paradise for members.

Balesin is a mere 25-minute plane ride from Manila. It is located east of Mauban, Quezon beside the Polillo Islands and nestles at the gate of Lamon Bay, one of the richest, undisturbed fishing grounds in the Pacific. A true island paradise. Balesin Island, which is currently owned by Alpha Land, is a 424 hectare […]

Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF) 2013 Official Entries and Trailers

December is definitely one of the most wonderful times of the year when Filipinos get to showcase their outpouring talents, skills and creativity in the field of filmmaking and acting. This is also the perfect moment for Filipinos to demonstrate their undying support in the local film industry by watching the featured movie entries in […]

Coron, Palawan Tourist Spots and Travel Guide

Coron, Palawan, though quite unfamiliar to many, is now slowly taking the limelight among local and foreign tourists. It is a second-class town to be found in the northern edge of Palawan, endowed with a great deal of scenic and remarkable landscapes, crystal clear lagoons, limestone cliffs, a rich marine life and an out-of-the-ordinary wildlife […]

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In The Midst of Fingerpointing: Action over Reaction On Yolanda Crisis

In The Midst of Fingerpointing: Action over Reaction On Yolanda Crisis

Amidst all the issues, chaos, distresses, losses, grief and hopelessness that our country has been going thru right now, have we really reflected well as to how well we responded with the problems which concerns our entire nation? Did we become beacons of light in these crucial circumstances, or have we contributed more in the […]

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