Top 10 Luxury Resorts in Bohol

Known as a gem among the travel enthusiasts as the perfect vacation destination as epitomized by the spectacle sight of the Chocolate Hills, the surrounding islets of the province, and the endangered species of lemurs called Tarsier. But more than its vistas or close encounter to the natural kind, Bohol Tour also makes for a place for retreat when you feel like pampering yourself with the best experience luxury has to offer.

You do not have to become rich and own a real estate to feel like a king once in your life. For Bohol thrives in the world-class hospitality business, the island-province is burgeoning with luxurious hotels which will make you feel rich during your time of stay.

Here are the top 10 luxury hotels you can find in Bohol:

Henann Resort Alona Beach | (Price and Details)

Touted as one of the largest beach resorts in the Panglao Island region of Bohol, the Henann Resort Alone Beach boasts an extensive 6.5-hectare property along the pure waters of the Alone Beach. But it is not just the available space that makes this establishment worthy of people’s attention, the architecture and overall design of the resort is something memorable to see.

BE Grand Resort | (Price and Details)

Mixing the best of contemporary design and the coziness of the waterfront style, the BE Grand Resort is the ultimate place for relaxation. Built from the ground-up as a destination for chill, the resort lies at an exclusive haven within Panglao Island which is renowned for its balmy climate year in, year out; not to mention of its great-tasting foods and blissful experience at the spa.

The Bellevue Resort | (Price and Details)

Pitting the traditional from the contemporary architecture has never been as perfectly complementing and contrasting as The Bellevue Resort. On one side, there is the wall-less function hall which makes for a perfect location for a gathering among group of people in celebration; and, on the other, is the modern building which is not only beautiful from the outside, but also from the inside.
Yet, this is not just a 5-star hotel within Bohol. It’s also an ASEAN Green Hotel awardee, too.

Eskaya Beach Resort & Spa | (Price and Details)

Get lost in time as you wander every nook and cranny of this 16-hectare property that is the Eskaya Beach Resort. But it is not the large expanse of land that is the major highlight of this place. Rather, it is the scenery from within and the actual experience of staying that makes it an ideal temporary refuge for anybody.

Amarela Resort | (Price and Details)

It may not be as large as its competitors as a boutique hotel. But what it lacks in magnitude, the Amarela Resort more than makes up for its homely feel as fostered by the Bicolano culture. Itself a recipient of the ASEAN Green Hotel award, the resort is well-versed in the healthy practice of maintaining its business in consideration of Mother Nature.

Bluewater Panglao Beach Resort | (Price and Details)

Some people had the notion of serenity as a place specially reserved to oneself. But at Bluewater Panglao Beach Resort, serenity is defined as being a kind of oasis where you are not totally cut off from the rest of the world, thanks to its warm welcomes as summarized in one central theme: essentially, the Visayan word, “amuma.”

South Palms Bohol | (Prince and Details)

Renowned for having the longest shore in all of Panglao, the South Palms Bohol offers wide enough space at the beach for people to enjoy, especially during peak seasons. A common major highlight of the shore at the towering palm trees which lined the ground area that, while static in their root place, display movements as influenced by the wind.

As a luxury resort in the island of Panglao, South Palms Bohol showcases villas and rooms of contemporary blueprint.

Peacock Garden | (Price and Details)

Drawing inspiration from the amazing peacock with its mesmerizing display of colorful patterns, the Peacock Garden fuses the classic with Filipino which makes an eclectic showcase of beauty and warm welcome. But while the interiors of the Peacock Garden are breath-taking, this is further complemented by the scenery that takes place just outside the building’s premises.

Although expert in pampering each person for a relaxing delight, the competent staffs of Peacock Garden are also apt in delivering high-quality service to people in groups, particularly during a gathering.

Amorita Resort | (Price and Details)

Set at a high enough elevation to give its audiences a panoramic view of the surrounding areas of the southern edge of the Panglao landmass, the Amorita Resort is an awe-inspiring resort. At the right spot during day time, the vistas paint a perfect blend of contrasting and mixing colors as magnified by the shining light of the sun.

But what is a luxury boutique hotel such as the Amorita Resort if not for its coddling experience that, while should be rife in the city, makes for an unusual experience to those who could not afford it in daily life? Amorita Resort offers just that.

Donatela Hotel | (Price and Details)

Just a when you have thought that you have experienced everything there is which most hotels in Bohol has to offer, Donatela Hotel makes for a surprise by adding something unconventional into the overall picture.

Have you seen a hotel resort which houses a stable in its premise to contain ridable horses?

It may sound bizarre, but one of the major activities in this establish is—as you guessed it—horse riding. Whether it is your first time riding a horse or not, there is no denying that there is something thrilling about riding on a steed that can take you places wherever you point it to.
Yet, Donatela Hotel is not just a recreational place to get amusement. It is also a place where people can gather inspirations from as it lavishes its welcomed customers to a life uncommon in the real world. After all, sometimes real aspirations are born from experience—more so, experiencing it good.

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