Bacolod City Travel Guide

Bacolod City Travel Guide

Bacolod is known as the city of smiles because “Bacolodnons” are known to entertain guests and tourists with a smile. People seem much happier here and they have many reasons to be happy. Bacolod is rich with destinations that can relax even the most stressed individual. You don’t need to drive far to get to these places as some resorts are just within the heart of Bacolod.

When to visit Bacolod?

The best time of course is during the Masskara Festival. People flock the streets of Bacolod to celebrate the festival with street dancing and parties. During the Masskara Festival people go to Lacson Street and enjoy the night party there. You’re not in when you don’t celebrate the festivities in this area as this is the chosen place for fun street parties during this time. For those who don’t have the money to buy the food and drinks on Lacson Street can still enjoy the Masskara Festival at the Bacolod City Plaza where street vendors and kiosks are found that sells inexpensive street foods and really cheap clothes such as shorts sold at 3 for P100.

Bacolod Resorts

If you are in Bacolod and don’t want to travel to nearby cities for some fun and recreation then you can go to the resorts in the heart of Bacolod itself. Palmas del Mar, Caribbean, Sta. Fe Resort and also the Forest and Water Park along Taculing are great destinations. They have swimming pools and even mini zoos.

Nearby Resorts and Must-go-to’s

If you are in Bacolod don’t miss out on the chance to visit the Ruins in Talisay City. It’s a picturesque destination of the ruins of an old house and it also has a cafeteria inside.

If you are traveling to Bacolod by plane then you will arrive at the Silay Airport. Silay is another great destination as it’s a city still filled with old houses that are still being used today as commercial establishments or family home. The Victor Fernandez Gaston House is open to the public. It was built in 1897 and later on became a dance studio. You will love the quality of workmanship of the many antiques that is housed in here.

You should not miss going to Mambukal in Murcia as it’s one of those rare resorts wherein you can get really close to nature. It brags of its 7 leveled falls that are really stunning. You can’t swim in the first 5 falls though because of falling debris and you can drive your 4×4’s to the 7th falls and enjoy the cool and clean water there. They also have free-flying bats there. They also celebrate the mud pack festival there which is also a fun time with lots of dances and cheers.

Where to stay

It depends on your budget. For upscale accommodation you can go to L’Fisher Hotel or Bacolod Planta Hotel but if you are on a budget then there are many pension houses in Bacolod with comfortable accommodation but easy on the budget. You can even find an air conditioned room for just P500 a night!

Where to eat

When you are in Bacolod you will definitely gain a lot of weight because of their delicious foods. The famous inasal here is a must-try. Go to the Manokan Country wherein you’ll see a line of Manokan restaurants which even reached the Guinness Book of records for the longest line of restaurants selling only chicken dishes.

For fine dining, you can feast yourself at 21 Bar & Restaurant or try the delicious Chinese cuisines at Full Moon Restaurant. L’Sea boasts of their delicious siomais and dumplings so you really got to try those. Bob’s Restaurant had recently opened in Magallanes, Makati but its home is in Bacolod City. They’ve been opening their doors for many decades now and continue to be one of Bacolod’s favorite restaurants. Go to Bob’s main along Shopping and try their menu and mouth-watering desserts. There are also Café Bob’s and Bob’s branches around Bacolod City so it won’t be hard to find one near you.

For cake lovers you got to try Calea. Their cakes are so delicious you might end up crying as it pleasures your tastebuds. Now there is also a new place you can try and it’s called Felicia’s. It’s along 6th Lacson Street and is a budding competitor for Calea.

For delicious barbecues, you must try and look for Tikboy’s near the La Consolacion College. They cook thousands of barbecues a day and they just can’t seem to cook enough to satisfy the demand. They’ve been in the business since 1983 and their delicious barbecues are to die for.

Fun Morning Walks

One of the “in” thing in Bacolod now for health enthusiasts is to wake up early in the morning and join the many early risers for a walk or a jog at the new government center. It has a large fountain that you could circle around in and enjoy the view of the sunshine and the great music that is played. Before the new government center was put up, Bacolodnons go to the capitol Lagoon and walk around the large pond filled with tilapias. There are still many people who exercise in the Lagoon in the morning though but many enjoy the new government center because the air is much cleaner there and there aren’t many buildings destroying the sunrise/sunset view.
There are lots of places you can go to when you are in Bacolod and some are not as popular as the others. Just go where your feet lead you and ask around some locals for their suggestions and surely you’ll always have a great time. Foods are cheap and really delicious here and you’ll love how conveniently located almost all establishments are to each other. That’s the beauty of having a small city as you don’t need to travel far to get to your next destination. Also, there isn’t much traffic in Bacolod yet though occasionally you’ll bump into one but it’s definitely a far-cry from the traffic in Manila.

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