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Balesin Island (1)

Balesin – Main Club House / Photos by Johann Sy

Balesin is a mere 25-minute plane ride from Manila. It is located east of Mauban, Quezon beside the Polillo Islands and nestles at the gate of Lamon Bay, one of the richest, undisturbed fishing grounds in the Pacific. A true island paradise.

Balesin Island, which is currently owned by Alpha Land, is a 424 hectare island resort located in Lamon Bay , Pollilio, Quezon Province, Philippines ; 25 miles of the eastern coast of Luzon , and 95 air miles, (approximately 30 minutes flight time) from The Ninoy Aquino International Airport in Metro Manila.

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Mykonos / Photos by Johann Sy

Balesin has a 424 hectare total land area. It is approximately 5 kilometers long and 1.5 kilometers at its widest point. The island is generally flat except for some elevated areas, (cliffs) which reach up to 6 meters above sea level. There is abundant vegetation consisting of rain forests, coconut trees, wild shrubs and flowers. White sand beaches, accentuated by coves formed by coral rock formations, surround Balesin Island.

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St Tropez / Photos by Johann Sy

The island experiences sunny weather throughout most months, typical for a tropical climate. Mild southwesterly winds prevail from March to August while northeasterly winds occur from September to February. The short rainy season starts in September and ends in December, with heaviest rainfall occurring between October and November. The island is an ideal location for beach resort and outdoor leisure activities.

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Toscana / Photos by: Johann Sy

Except for rare occasions when the islands west coast is disturbed by light northeast winds, the sea is generally calm and ideal for water activities and passage of all types of sea craft.

Balesin offers a carefully planned setting designed to accomodate your every whim – be it a round of golf, a game of tennis, deep-sea adventure or plain total relaxation.

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Balesin / Photo by Johann Sy


Take a dip in one of Balesin’s private coves. Or stroll along its white sand beaches strewn with a variety of shells. Dive in its clear ocean waters and marvel at the abundance of colorful tropical fish and other marine life. Have your fill of breathtaking seascapes, resplendent sunsets and star-studded skies.

Breathe in the crisp, clean air of Balesin. Hear it in the swaying of the palms while you sip on pure, fresh coconut water. Be enchanted by rare species of tropical birds and butterflies. And in the evenings, let the fireflies light your way. Balesin will place you under its spell.

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Balesin’s most alluring spot is probably the spectacular Tordesillas Point: a wide, white beach strip that extends gracefully southward into a narrow neck that is- to a farther land mass by a permanent sandbar. At low-tide, the long flat sandbar appears like a rolling plain that connects the main isle to its insular neighbor-isle. But at high tide, the sandbar is covered over by the great Pacific Ocean-completely separating the far isle from the main, as if were an independent island. Meanwhile, the Pacific churns the surf more wildly on the southeastern side.

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A spec in the Pacific Ocean some five kilometers long and 424 hectares wide, Balesin harbors a 1500-meter long grass landing strip. A short footpath shaded by thick foliage leads to several cottages, 20 rooms in all, widely berthed by lawns of manicured Bermuda grass. A six-hole golf course beside the sea, two shell tennis courts, a swimming pool, a ping-pong hall, volleyball area, recreational fishing facilities as well as clubhouse are among its amenities.

Balesin Island (2)

Balesin Spa


But what attracts visitors to Balesin is what it lacks. No noisy rabble to trample the pristine beaches. No sleazy riffraff or tacky karaoke bars to ruin the starlit night.


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  • Precy Reyes

    Can you please give me package for 3 adults 1 kid for 2 night and 3 days including RT flight from Mla? I’m a non-member though. Can non-members get to the island?

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      Hi, can you please give me package for 4 for 2 nights and 3 days including flight from Manila on Aug-17-19, 2018. I am a non-member. Thank you for your reply.

  • Debbie basilio

    I have a friend in seattle they asking do they need to be a member ?they want to go in balesin island to spend their vacation. And how much is cost to be a member and what is amenities?

  • Mark Biddle

    Hi Ma’am,

    If you are still interested in becoming a member, please don’t hesitate to contact me, as I work for Balesin Island.

    • Gladys G.

      How much is the membership fee? Can you please give me some details for booking?

  • Sandie Llarena

    Can I have your rate for 3 adults and 2 kids of 6 and 2 years of age? Date of visit will be on May 12 to 14, 2016. Thank you.

    • Cindy

      3 nights 4 adults how much first week of april?

      • Sylvia c. payabyab

        can you quote me your charges for 3 days and 2 nights 7 adults and 1 infant (5 mos.) for mid may travel, I am a non member but I can get recommendation from
        a member friend.

  • Liza Julao

    I am interested in becoming a member. What are the requirements? Do I need to be sponsored? Thanks.

    • Mark Biddle

      Hi Ma’am

      If you are still interested in becoming a member, please don’t hesitate to contact me, as I work for Balesin Island=d

      Thank you

  • Lorna

    would you be able to give me a quote for a 5d/4n package for 2 adults and 2 kids – 1 and 9 yrs old. travelling to the philippines 2nd week of july. ta!

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    Please provide 4 adults family rates x 4 nights Dec 26 -29 2015.
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    I have a guest from Middle East, wife of a businessman in Bahrain & she is very interested to see the Island.

    Please give us the rate for 4 pax for 2 nights.

    Your reply is highly appreciated.

    Thanks & best regards,

  • Fe Chua Montano


    I would like to know if non members are allowed to spend a short vacation in your paradise.. I love to visit your island
    Thank you

  • Joy Sto Domingo

    I want to do my prenup photoshoot in Balesin, can you send me the rates? Thanks a lot!


    How do we go there.? What is d rate for nonmembers?

  • MAC

    From Lamon Bay to the Pacific Ocean – different scenic beach side views to choose from with different themed coves, villas and cuisines. Looking forward to another stay…

  • Lettie velasco me back package for 15 person on December 28 , 2015…

  • Theresa

    wow a truly paradise, but too expensive for the membership only are envited, I’d rather prepare to choose amanpolo resort in Palawan, and huma resort these are the most uncomparable to hotels and resort with amazing beautiful beaches and crystalline water in the Philippines. except boracay for powdery sand, but the rest amanpolo and huma are among the finest, have you been these two islands in Palawan?…

  • Aileen Mae Lamorin

    its very nice..omg!!captivating..

  • Kaycee

    Hi do you have package for 10 adults? This coming september

  • Candy lawrence

    Give me a rate for 4 guests 3 days and 2 nights sometime in November 2015.

  • Cherry

    This is an exclusive resort for members only. The membership fee I thinks is around Php5million.

  • Argie L. Malimata

    nice place. similar to boracay.

  • Maria Leonora A. Dimaano

    Wow its a very nice place, so beautiful bakit kailangan pang mgboracay para maexperience ang white sand eh d2 lang sa Quezon ay meron na. Hala na mga taga Quezon tangkilikin at pasyalan ang sariling atin. Mabuhay ang Quezon with Balesin Island of Paradise!!!!!


    can you provide us the rate for 4 adults 2 kids going to balesin island on apr 9 to 11? thanks.

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    Can you give us a rate for 6 prrson going to belesin islang from feb 19 to 22.

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    Would like to visit Balesin Island -Phil on our vacation to the Phil

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