Balihay Private Beach Resort, Botolan, Zambales

Balihay Private Beach Resort, Botolan, Zambales

3802449_origBalihay Private Beach Resort is located in Botolan, Zambales. Its just a 4 hours drive from Balintawak. If you are looking for a quick getaway vacation, this is the perfect place to be with your family, friends and loved ones. A well designed resort for both the locals and the foreign tourists to indulge in a sweet and relaxing vacation. Enjoy the breathtaking view of the sparkling waters from the beach and scenenic view of the mountains. A cool breeze from the beach will flow unto your skin while having a coffee from the deck of the resort. A wide variety of different foods will certainly approve your meticulous taste from the kitchen. Their hospitable staff will serve you at thier best, from the start of your stay until the time you check out. Come and visit the wonderful Balihay Private Beach Resort to experience an unforgettable vacation.



  • Couples room for two (2)                               P 1,800
  • Family room for four (4)                                P 2,500
  • Family room for five (5)                                 P 3,000
  • Bahay kubo for five (5)                                    P 2,700
  • Additional per person per matress            P 400. / head
  • Below 7 years old                                              Free



  • Exclusive private resort
  • Airconditioned cottages
  • Bath & toilets with water heater
  • Breathtaking mountain view
  • Few steps away from the exhilirating clear blue beaches
  • Swimming pool
  • Cabanna for dining
  • Service area for cooking and grilling
  • Cooking pans, casserole & charcoal
  • Umbrella shades for beach use


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  • Beverly A. Jenkins

    Can you please give me more info or pics re place and accomodations and also availability for tha month of April? Many thanks.

  • Lily Tiu

    Can we rent the whole place. How many rooms in all? How many guests can u accommodate? How much? Dec 26 to 29

  • Ghienes Soliman

    Please send me pictures of your rooms and please provide me your contact details

  • Joy

    Can you send some photos and all the amenities you have. Thanks.

  • Levy comines

    we will come for an ocular visit tomorrow 5/19/2015, kanino kami magcoordinate?

  • Tina

    Can I have a photos of the whole resort?

  • Tina

    Can I have a photos of the resort? what I see is the pool photo only.

  • Charina pimentel

    We are approximately 30 person (company outing). Can you please give us the cost for accommodation within the month of May2015? What is the maximum capacity of Kubo?What are the amenities of the resort?

  • Ria

    Can you please send me additional pictures of the rooms and facilities.

    How much would it be to get the resort reserved?
    We are at 15 to 18 person, and date is at May 1-3, 2015

  • Joy futol

    pls answer

  • Joy futol

    i need your quick answer,,what sign board of the bus i need to ride going there?

  • Andrea Fuentes

    Hi –

    Can you please send me additional pictures of the rooms and facilities.

    How much would it be to get the resort reserved?
    We are at 15 to 18 person, and date is at May 4, 2013

    Many thanks

  • fershe siriban

    tanong ko lng po kung meron po b kayong promo ng 3 days 2 nights good for 20 person kung mgkano po ang cottge at kung my byad po ang bata at entrance po thanks po

  • Jay

    hello. may i know a contact information for us to call regarding some must need to know inquires.

  • Mae

    can you please give me a quotation for room accommodation on April 26-27. Approximately 40 heads…

  • Eve Pascale

    Can you send some photos of the room accommodations, dining facilities. What are the amenities in the resort?

    It would be great if you can create of virtual tour of the resort so people can see what the resort has to offer. The scenery and views are breathtaking.

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