In Pictures: Baluarte ni Chavit Singson in Vigan, Ilocos Sur


Baluarte / Photos by: Mark Albert Alejo Cruz

Lying in acres and acres of land, the Baluarte also known as the Fortress is located in an area where one can see great angles of the entire Vigan and South China Sea. The Baluarte is a mini-zoo where different animals are caged and fenced. Some of these animals are even endangered while others are well-tamed that visitors can feed and get up close with them.Baluarte-dyno

The 80-hectare mini-zoo and shooting range is owned by the famous political figure and a well-loved son of Vigan, then Governor Chavit Singson. It used to be the site of his multi-storey building houses which he later on transformed into a recreational facility for tourists of Vigan to enjoy.


You can start your tour in Baluarte by visiting the cages where lions, peacocks, civet cats, pythons, iguanas, Bengal tigers, endangered reptiles and birds are placed. The Philippine cloud rat which is endemic to the Cordillera region can also be found in these rows of cages.

Baluarte Kakato

If you want to get up close with some animals like the monkeys, flamingos, ostriches you move over to the fenced areas where you can visit and feed these animals. Children can also sit on top of bigger animals in this fenced area. Horseback riding is also offered in this part of Baluarte.



Aside from the mini-zoo, visitors can also do horseback riding, stroll on its butterfly farm or play some guns in their shooting range.

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